Calibration of scene crossfader?

Hi all, is this possible to re calibrate the cross fader of my octatrack mk2 ?
it won’t go at exactly A position !
thanks in advance !

Are you on the latest OS? I had some oddities in that area with the initial firmware. If you, or your OT MK2 for that matter, are up to date, you could try test mode (hold FUNC while powering up and select test mode). If you move the cross fader, the trig buttons will light up depending on the position of the fader. If that doesn’t seem to be right, and here I reiterate, Elektron support may have additional suggestions to debug the issue and to find out whether it’s a hardware problem.

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clues here of what to do to self-calibrate (ought to be same for mk2)


thanks !
To reset the x-fader press function + scene b while in test mode.
It does work
merci !


I wonder if the calibration procedure could be abused by people who want to use the crossfader for DJ style stuff. You couldn’t adjust the curve (as far as we know) but if you calibrated it with the fader set somewhere other than the end of its throw, it seems like you could probably set it up t go from A to B across a smaller range of its throw, and that combined with the existing LFO trics for changing its response might help get it to work better for quick cut and things. I’m not a DJ so I don’t have the knowledge to really test if it’s helpful or not, but it seems promising.

I would love to get hold of an Octatrack service manual and see exactly what can be calibrated on it. Encoder sensitivity? Screen contrast? Input LED sensitivity? Who knows?


This just saved me a 2 hour trip in LA traffic…I thought my new OT was faulty as it wouldn’t go all the way to 100% A, and was backwards on CC data…Function and Scene B fixed it right away. Thank you!

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Perfect! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi all, so after four years or so away, I finally bought another Octatrack (this time the MK2). I fell right back into it and it felt like reuniting with an old friend…until about 2 hours into my first real use when I realized that the crossfader wasn’t moving the full range to the left. Some research here led me to booting up in Test Mode, which confirmed that the crossfader was stopping just shy of the full range (between trigs 14 and 15…also confusing was that moving the fader to the left causes the trigs to light up going the opposite direction and vise versa). What’s worse is that the crossfader stopped working entirely after booting into test mode, confirmed by the animation on the screen showing no movement (ie, it’s not an issue of assigning scenes or anything, since the fader animation in the UI should still show movement even with no assignments).

Is it possible something happened while it was in test mode? More importantly, is there a way to recalibrate the crossfader? What I’ve seen so far is saying to check the behavior in Test Mode and implying it can be fixed, but I’m not seeing any way to actually try recalibrating it myself. It was a new, factory sealed unit and I have already contacted the retailer regarding a return and replacement, but if possible I’d really prefer to get this unit working properly (especially since I’m taking some days off from work this week and was planning to get some real work done with the OT).

Also, hi…been a while since I’ve been around these parts because I’ve been focused on modular, but with getting a Digitone recently and now another OT I expect to be a more regular contributor around here again.

Why not just utilize the search function?

The first hit gives the answer how to calibrate … :wink:


Dude, you are a lifesaver. I was searching for answers via google, but none of the links I found for the forum explicitly stated how to solve the problem.

For posterity:

  1. enter Test Mode
  2. hold Function + Scene B while moving the crossfader across the entire range. The trigs should be green on trig 1 and trig 16 once you reach the full range on either side.
  3. reboot normally.

Nothing I came across spelled out step #2 explicitly. I was moving the fader and holding Scene B, but nothing I saw said you needed to hold function while doing it. Looks like everything is perfect now. Thank you. I am so happy I could kiss you. :rofl:


I’m exactly in this case !! Could we calibrate the cross fader to get a DJ CrossFader, with the right curve of variation ?? It would be very helpfull…
Or another way to make transition from one track to another ?
Thanks a lot…:slight_smile:

Nope. With the calibration you can only adjust the position of the end points. The crossfader itself operates always in a linear fashion.


anyone had an issue where the fader keeps loosing calibration?

I keep resetting it in test mode with Func+B, and it works fine for a while…
then I come back (say next day), and its mis-calibrated again.

I’m wondering about open it up and seeing if I can change the battery?
(though test mode indicates battery is OK)

edit: octatrack mk2 - anyone know what the battery is off-hand :slight_smile:
edit2: ok, found mk2 uses CR2450 - yah, I have one, so thats a possiblity.


Seems a bit early to replace the battery (didn’t change mine after 6 years, third hand MKI).
Never heard of relation between battery and calibration, but why not…

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yes, mk2

Im not sure this is the cause either… as couldn’t see any other talk of it… and no other symptoms of battery issues.

also, earlier today, I think it occurred whilst the OT was powered ON…
(only noticed this today, so I need to confirm this still)

In any case, I’ve created a ticket with Elektron to see what they think :frowning:


Hi! I’ve experienced exactly the same issue. I opened a ticket in Elektron and they sent me a new crossfader and didn’t work. Sent the unit to to a technical service (not the official, I live really far from USA) and didn’t find any problem. So again, it sometimes work, for some minutes and then fail again…I think I gave up, it’s not working and won’t work as it should so I cried buuuuut…I found a workaround so I won’t cry again (lie): I found that the problem is when you go back from B to A…so If I work the other way, setting that the initial level is B and A is the modified sound, it works. You “just” have to get used to do things the other way…



my plan is simple…
open up OT, clean fader contacts, replace battery

await response from Elektron…see if they have any suggestions
if my attempts above do not resolve issue, it’ll be going back to Elektron to be serviced/fixed…

:frowning: not good, as I’m in a really good ‘zone’ with OT at the moment ,
perhaps I need to get a 2nd OT :wink:

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MKII too. IIRC mostly MKII have crossdader calibration need.

i have an issue, and callibration doesn’t fix it. when i moove the crossfader all the way to the left, instead of remaining lit on trigger 1, it jumpes to 9. function + b doesnt solve it.
any other ideas?
i can do dj style cuts with it now, but i dont wanna :smiley:

Did you move the crossfader in both directions to max, just after?