Button sticking on A4 mkii

I have some buttons sticking on my A4. They don’t stay stuck in the down position but they are a little slow to come back to the up position.

Is there an easy fix for this. I’m planning on selling the A4 and I’m wondering if it’s worth my time to fix or if I just take a price hit and sell it as is?


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That all depends on whether your buttons have always been sticky and whether it has had use or whether it’s a recent development

If former, removing the button cap to clean the edge catching the chassis might be an option - if you can do so with care - lots of threads on this

If latter, then you either have a sticky issue or a failing issue - pop off to see if either is obvious and then act accordingly with guidance from support or browse threads on this, but use advice/chemicals wisely

I had the same with one trigger key after two years. No easy fix. My suggestion…to avoid further trouble…Send it in to Elektron for repair.

Yeah it’s pretty recent. Stinks that I might need to send it to them for repair :frowning:

I had this with the octave shift buttons. I took the button out and carefully scraped a bit the paint on the sides. Works perfectly now.