Bug with length per track + 3/4 scale

Hey there. A few days ago I experimented what I think is a bug (did a bug report already) but I wanted to check if you experience it too.

Take a pattern, in the scale menu set it to length=24/32, scale=3/4. So far so good, the pattern runs at desired BPM with 3 trigs/beat, looping after 24 trigs.

Now switch to length per track. Set master length to 24, track length to 24 and track scale to 3/4. This won’t loop properly - the pattern will restart around the 18th trig with a stutter.

Are you experiencing the same thing? Is this a bug, or a feature I’m misunderstanding?

On the same subject, anyone can explain to me how the “master length” parameter works when each track has a different scale? Obviously, each track will hit the master length at a different time, right? So which one triggers the pattern restart?

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