Bug I can’t believe I haven’t noticed before. Request for confirmation

Uh so this is seems a huge bug. Could someone check if it’s same for them please…

On MIDI tracks set to channel 1 the OT can NOT send:

C#3 E3 A3 B3 C4 C#4 D4 or E4

as the track default (i.e. the NOTE setting on the Note page)

These notes can be p-locked, but don’t work on regular trigs as the track default

They work on all the other channels, but not Channel 1 on any MIDI track

Have tried eliminating any clash with the Audio tracks, starting new project etc etc but just maybe I’m missing something so a confirmation would be much appreciated. Cheers

EDIT: I couldn’t find this in the 1.40 bugs thread & it feels like bugs get lost there too! Hence own thread

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