Budget minded turntable for sampling

this is a question ive been reasearching lately and everything i see seems to think that the Technics 1200 sl are the only option. HAs any one had experience with the Audio technica at-lp 120? they are supposed to be modeled after the sl 1200 from what i understand. Im not looking to dj with this turntable it is only to sample from a huge record collection i just inherited into my octatrack.

i have an allen heath zed 10fx mixer, are these pre amps suitable for playing a turntable into my ocatrack?

do i need to use a pre amp to hear the turntable in my octatrack?

thanks for any and all replies this has been a problem for me for a while and i haven’t found anyone with experience sampling from vinyl into OT.

Dont know that deck----anyway, you should need a good stylus for your needings. It is the actual transducer…
But im not in anyway an expert…lets wait some answers from real DJs.

Regarding amplfication…OT can handle a quite large gain boost/attenuation, so should go ok with Phono output.

Just make a soundwise choice regarding: ZED preamp or OT?

And, of course, ground connection.

Not so sure the OT inputs would work well without a phono preamp. Even if you did get a loud enough signal, your signal to noise ratio would suck. Ultimately you will need something with a decent phono preamp, either a DJ mixer with a clean signal path (ie: Allen&Heath) or a dedicated phono preamp box. Also, can’t attest to the overall quality but as I recall Vestax has made a reasonably priced turntable with a line level output. Saves the cost of buying a separate preamp.

edit: just relaized you mentioned a zed 10fx mixer. Quick google search suggest that there is phono capable inputs so if that is the case, that mixer would be fine. Most important really is picking the right carts/needles. Personally I have found the ortofon nightclub S to be very flat and natural sounding.

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I have that exact turntable and have it hooked up to my Soundcraft-mixer, and can sample just fine into the Octatrack with that setup. Absolutely no need for an extra pre-amp. I’m pretty sure the pre-amps in your Zed will work more than fine.

I’ve ripped plenty of vinyl records to have them as FLAC-recordings on my computer by the way, and the recordings have been impeccable. So I wouldn’t worry about noise. :slight_smile:

Your mixer has to have RIAA phono corrector, which needed for vinyl record (f.e. Soundcraft Compact).
I assume your mixer A&H ZED 10fx doesnt have it.
So, you will have 2 ways to sampling with AT-120LP:

  1. AT-LP Via USB to PC/Mac, then to OT (CF/USB)
  2. You should buy additional RIAA phono corrector (or interface/DJ-mixer etc) for your mixer for Direct sampling via OT inputs

UPD: Sorry, I was wrong. AT-120LP has built-in phono corrector

I’ve hooked the phono out from the turntable to one of these;

Then from that through one of these into the two channels on the mixer, or just straight into the OT.

Works just fine, and I can’t hear it degrading the sound at all. Then you just need to hook a phono out from the mixer (from the tape out I assume your’s have as well) into the OT. :slight_smile:

Hey all, reviving this thread as I’m interested in getting a turntable again after a long time. Mostly for listening to records and sampling, no scratching or djing. Any recommendations for turntables and amps? Probably looking to spend no more than £500 for both.

The audio technical one posted above is more than fine for such purposes and MIGHT send a hot enough signal that you can sample right into the octatrack (I have mine hooked up intro powered monitors but I can test it out when I get home)

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If you did want a mixer, you can find used Allen & Heath Xone 32 s for pretty cheap or a new xone 23 isn’t bad either

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Vestax PDX D3. Cool functions for sampling like reverse, bend with high speed, very low speed…

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Just for the record :wink: if you have already a vintage turntable and a mixer without a RIAA corrected phono preamp, iConnectivity (the guys that make the midi interfaces) have a product just for that purpose, it’s called SpinXLR, has two balanced XLR outputs, works on 48v phantom, and is very affordable like 60$/€. I have one and it does the job.


I like my lil cheapo Numark Touring. Not the best quality but w.e its gonna get glitched up in OT anyway. Rechargeable battery that lasts for ever.

Think it was mentioned in another thread, but take a look at the Sony PS-HX500. It rips “Hi-Res” format over USB, and has both normal phono outs and an internal amp if you want it, so you’d have no problem feeding an Elektron sampler with it.

I recently bought a Reloop SPIN for sampling records and try scratching.
Less than 30 days later I bought, the SPIN stop working, no audio output.
I will send back to the distributor and I’m asking myself if I ask a new one or a refund.
The SPIN is very cheap and I’m affraid the build quality will make the turntable diying again soon.

Maybe I have to go to a more traditionnal turntable, I can live without scratching.

Do you have some suggestions for a budget less than 300€ ?