Buchla inspired Digitone tutorial


I thought I would share this tutorial video demonstrating how to create generative Buchla inspired compositions on the Digitone.


Thanks for making and posting this video: I am going to look for the rest in the series.

Just a small note: I find (like a lot of online videos) that the volume level of the narration is much lower than the volume level of the music; could you make them more even in volume?


3 minutes in and already my favorite Digitone video. You need to do a West Coast sound pack!


I’ve been so resistant to the Digitone GAS… You’re like the cauliflower and broccoli of my gear lust.


Great video, would definitely like to see more about how you programmed the sounds too. And maybe even a wee link to where we can get your music?


Rats! That sounds great! Compelling me to get a replacement for the one I traded out


Nice! (as always)


Really dig that sound! Appreciate the share! A breakdown of the programming or even better, some patch exports, would be fantastic!


Very nice!


I’m 50% done with my west coast synthesis inspired sound pack.
It will be available next month!



LOL! HAHAHA that’s awesome!


I’m working on a series of tutorial videos going more in depth with how the patches are designed. I have a few shows and a panel discussion to do this month, then I’ll be in full-time youtube mode! Thanks a lot for the feedback!


This is really cool. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve had similar thoughts on whipping the sequencer and arp (through p-locks) into a modular-esque place… It’s a cracking machine.


Yeah this is really sweet. Please keep us posted!


Now that the Synthplex convention is over, I’ll be back in the studio finishing the Sound Pack!


Love the tones you conjured up in this video. Looking forward to the sound pack!


I forgot to let the elektronauts the sound pack is available now!
Thanks for your ears.