Braids (or other) as third oscillator for Moog Slim Phatty, all controlled from one A4 cv pair

I think you might find that some Moogs are not always exactly 1v per octave for cv pitch in, mine at least is 0.68v or something weird…it took me a spell to get the settings in the A4 to track pitch, I will if I can get a screen grab of the voltage settings…or see what I can find on the webs…

This would mean that splitting it out by mult would leave the braids trailing… loosing pitch per octave…:man_shrugging:

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Duly noted! Thanks! Slim phatty is king of tuning problems.

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I was guessing…its actually close to 1v, more like 1.006v per Oct

I will plug this into braids and see how far off it tracks…

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You can tune almost anything quite precisely using the A4 so you should be able to make it work :wink:

Yeah I’ve had the slim dialed in for i think a couple years now. Still needs pretty frequent tuning though.