This is a proper set of massive-sounding acoustic drum samples for the Analog Rytm. Painstakingly recorded by veteran session musician Jocki Löfmark, the idea was to get a comprehensive and useful cross-section of the studio equipment a professional percussionist would use (more specifically, in this case, the drums used by legendary Led Zeppelin percussionist John Henry Bonham) into the hands of us sample-wranglers. While the original studio equipment will eventually dry, fissure and fade away, these samples never will. Neither will rock’n’roll. For another decade or so, anyway.

128 samples including: 30 Open & Closed Hi-hat, 21 Snare, 15 Bass Drum, 12 Floor Tom, 11 Rack Tom, 8 Shaker, 6 Rimshot, 4 Cowbell, 4 Crash, 3 Guiro, 3 Belt, 2 Clap, 2 Glass, 2 Tambourine, 2 Ride, 2 Snap and 1 Stomp sounds.

Download free Sound Packs and buy Bombham here.


I can get behind this… In my top ten favorite bands of all time. Now I just wish I had a Rytm instead of DT…

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If they’re samples you can use them…

Agreed though. Will have to check this out.

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I know :slight_smile: I think the Rytm comes with all the extra bells and whistles set up with it though performance wise, since it says formatted for? Never used a Rytm though so I don’t know much about its performance functions.

I don’t think it includes any of that. I think formatted means 16/48 (which I believe is the DT too?)

Anyway. Doesnt the transfer app auto convert samples?

On the description it says can be used with DT OT…

But I mean if you’re just looking for a reason to get an AR don’t let be stop you :wink:

How come the Rytm packs don’t come with patterns and performance settings anymore? Curious


I was just pretty sure I read somewhere certain packs for the big boxes like OT and AR come with extra setup integration besides a bunch of sample files, like performance parameters, or project information alongside the sample files but I could be wrong. Maybe that was outside custom packs / sound packs not ones sold by Elektron…

I am still interested in this regardless :slight_smile:

This it the first non synhetic soundpack for rytm that interests me! Need to demo for sure

edit: hmm well the demos were not what I expected… Waiting for more demos, I’d like to hear a more acoustic drum / perc context from this pack?


Agreed, the demo tracks don’t reflect the description of the pack… All I heard was more techno style drum sounds…

I grabbed the demo zip, theres a bunch of great sounds in there, I imagine the whole thing is tight like a tiger!

I saw this on IG and posted that I was excited to get this sound pack. In the meantime I listened to the samples online. A lot of what I was hearing sounded highly processed. Are these mostly true acoustic drum samples, or are they processed acoustic drum sounds (like bit crushed/distorted/etc)?

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Wow so disappointed! How on earth this is a Rytm sound pack?! It’s just Samples, no Sounds sysex. Effects like distortion or reverb that could have been done by the machine are on specific samples. There’s even reverted samples… Useless! On any of the Elektron machine that handles samples, for what it’s worth.
And where are the demo projects?!!

Really disappointed to see my favourite drummers name plastered on these samples, I’m not hearing any Bonzo magic in these!

This is the first pack I’ve ever bought and I’ve gotta say I’m really disappointed.
No project files, no demo projects, and the samples are quite processed already with reverb and distorsion.
No good!


Not surprised by added reverb on the Bonham kit. -> Led Zeppelin - "When the Levee Breaks" - Stairwell Drum Sounds - Dark Horse Institute - Audio Engineering & Music Business School

I am a little disappointed by the distorted kicks in the demo pack.

Can anyone tell me if there are cleaner kicks (reverbed or not) in the full pack ?

I’m trying to decide on this pack while the soundpack sale is still on.

Anyone else have trouble accessing sound packs they’ve purchased? Bought one today and more a while back but nothing is showing up in my account.

Very interesting - I just opened this thread for the first time in a long time, and by chance “When the levee breaks” happens to be playing in the cafe I’m sitting in.

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Actually, played that one yesterday. I’d forgotten how awesome it was.