Body Double - maximal techno - full-on Digitone

Maximal techno, because more is more, right?

100% Digitone sounds, just some FX and mixing in Logic.

Favourite thing I learnt doing this – LFO-modulating operator ratios to make them work like arpeggiators up and down the harmonic series.


Thank you this is hot

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah I like this. Great programming


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Glad you like it! I’ve got a whole EP of Digitone-based tracks on the way – watch this space…

It still amazes me how much you can do with that little box.


Love it :ok_hand:

Looking forward to the EP

This is great! I too have experimented with the LFO on ratios and if you get it right, with some real time recording of filter sweeps/syn2 page sweeps, you can get real juicy