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Overall the Blofeld UI is really not bad given the small amount of knobs but there is one thing that annoys me a bit - wonder if anyone has a solution. The scenario is if I am editing e.g. Env 3, then I jump to the Osc settings using the Matrix button - when I press the Env matrix button again it has jumped back to whatever the nearest “main” page was (e.g. Amp Env) and I have to scroll through the pages again to get back to Env 3. Makes tweaking complex sounds quite painful. Any ideas?

No simple solution I know of, except if your external controller (keyboard/sequencer) has assignable MIDI control for those ‘hard to get to’ parameters.

Ah well, not to worry, not a huge deal. May be where an iPad editor comes in handy.

Was inspired to turn on my Blofeld for the first time in a while and make some patches. Hadn’t really appreciated until now just how great and unique this thing sounds. FM on the oscillators and the filter drive can take you to wild places, but it’s easy to tame it back to being musical. The presets are honestly pretty crappy, I’m tempted to wipe them all off and start from a blank canvas as it sounds amazing once you program it to your tastes.

Aside from what I mentioned above about jumping to “deep” pages it’s pretty much a joy to program despite the small set of controls. I had a Virus B for a while and I actually think I prefer the Blofeld, anything that involved menu diving on the Virus was a nightmare due to the tiny screen and clicky little buttons whereas the Blofeld has a nice screen and encoder based system that works well. I actually quite like this page based way of working (same as the A4) as I feel it makes me think more about what I want to achieve and helps me learn in a way.

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Waldorf have a 50% off sale on software and soundpacks for the duration of Superbooth using code SB19, this includes license SL…

Can anyone comment if the SL licence is worth getting? I can’t really imagine using it, I’m not a huge fan of messing around with the computer to upload samples etc. and I already have a Digitakt and Octatrack. That said, some good examples of uses for it could tempt me… I haven’t really thought what having samples in the Blofeld would mean.

Are there any soundpacks people would recommend? I’ve heard the Don Solaris Analog one is meant to be good?


I think it is a bit iffy on Waldorf’s part to charge extra for unlocking the sample memory. It’s almost not worth it on principle. But being a lax moralist I did give in when they had a 50% sale in the past.

For straight out sample playback, probably not worth if you have an OT.

The main reason to get it IMO: it is fun to use samples as modulators for FM synthesis, or as the mod for scanning a wavetable.

When you have thought some more about what having samples in the Blofeld would mean for you, please share your thoughts :nerd_face:

Spectre is a little bit awkward but it’s OK once you work it out.

Putting kits of drums samples on there (as key mapped programs, which you can do with spectre) has been good for me - mostly because of the filters, drives etc. Setting up the multimode means each drum voice can be tweaked separately too. Good having 8 easily-switched drum voices sequenced from OT with well chosen CCs

Switching out oscs on random patches with random samples is always interesting, but then really you just feel the need to actually sample rather than think/guess ahead and upload

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Things to do with the SL license:

  • upload drum kits and apply filters distortion on them
  • upload pads, choir pads, synthetic stabs, oldschool rompler stuff
  • upload acoustic instruments

But… the software is not very good, so if you’re not ready to dive in it I’d say skip it. Better put your money on the Don solaris soundset. It’s really good, and should be the factory bank imo.

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Yeah tbh not sure I need the SL, got enough sampling in my lift but I’ll pick up the soundpack :slight_smile: thanks!

I don’t think that helps with sample management, does it ?

Sadly no. AFAIK sample management takes the SPECTRE utility.

I think its clunky and sounds compressed and aliasy…but im glad i have it. Drums do sound cool. I have multisampled my moog sub 37 oscillators and have a prettend poly moog patch or two that i really like. You can also use the sample as a mod source. Sample a guitar string pluck and use that to modulate synth parameters!!! Its not just a shit sampler it can be great in ways you dont expect and does open the blofeld up sonicly to new territory.

Just checked it out, you’re 100% right. Really great sounds. Every Blofeld owner should pick this up!

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Any tips on which format it wants new wavetables in? How many waves, 127?


Thanks! And upload as SysEx?

Hello Elektronauts! I am in despate need of your help! I got the dreaded “bad dsp response” message today and my blofeld refuses to work… I read about how to fix it by transmitting the rescue midi file via spectre, the problem is i do not have a usb-to-midi cable and also do not have a sound card at the moment. What i do have is a digitone, which can act supposedly as a sound card. The problem is that i cannot transmit this file. I use the usb cable as an input from the pc to the digitone and then i send it out via midi cable to blofeld. (i can send midi notes with this method from ableton-f.e to blofeld) But when it comes to this rescue.mid file and spectre it doesnt seem to send anything at all… Is this a midi channel issue (does spectre transmit in muliple channels at once)? (i tried many individual channels with no result) Has anyone tried to do this with an elektron machine? i also tried to “play” the file with reaper as suggested but to no avail (is there a specific tempo the file should be played for the blofeld to understand?) Please help!!!

Get that usb to midi cable and save yourself some trouble… My 2c

I really hoped to avoid that, because i have to order it and it will probably arive in more than
a week.

You should be able to transmit midi via a normal usb cable?

Actually no, because when blofeld is in “send data” mode the blofeld usb port is inactive