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@avantronica If you could post again after you upgrade and let us know how it goes I would appreciate it.


Actually, I have had mine since shortly after they came out. So it definitely has the older hw. But I upgraded to 1.23 when the incremental upload was implemented. Good to know you have stayed on 1.23 as well. It is really hard to keep track of what the safe path is with their firmware versions.


Great band name.


I just bought Blofeld #6 (Actually my old #5 Blofeld which was still available for sale at the shop I traded it to.)

Anyway I finally got around to making a CC chart for it to make it easier to sequence parameters with my Deluge, so if anyone’s using their Blofeld with OT / DT / etc, you may enjoy having this.

Waldorf Blofeld CC Cheat Sheet - Cheat Sheet.pdf (55.1 KB)


I get this error too. Editing any patch not just init…it is Midi related as if i unplug the midi cable and then edit its fine. You cant hear it though…But with midi cable in i almost expect it and save after each adjustment…

I kinda gave up on waldorf support though…

What OS are you on?


I’m on OS 1.25 with SL license activated.

I always have MIDI connected because it’s a desktop unit- it would be kind of useless without MIDI! Out of interest, does this happen for you on all MIDI controllers you use? I’ve only used OT.

I got a quick response from Waldorf. I sent them the description of the problem and they said the hardware is faulty and to return it to the retailer. Luckily it is under warranty. I’ll take it in later this week and see if the new unit is any better.


Bad news for me as mine was purchased new in 2008! im guessing warranty is a no go…

Yes it happens when plugged in via MIDI din to multiple controllers and also plugged in via usb…

Im desktop as well so yeh editing is like guesing without a midi cable plugged in…or i make edits and save after every change and expect to reboot multiple times during an edit…i have controlled mine with DT with no problems but im wondering now if i should try contacting waldorf again…

I put up with dodge encoders and was going to replace them until they sent a beta os update that fixed it for me so it might be worth a try.


I took my Blofeld back to the store, and of course- entirely predictably- could not replicate the fault!
Do you happen to know if a particular menu page or parameter change would reliably cause the fault? It seemed to me to be random but if you remember anything specific, that could be incredibly helpful- thanks!


Its often with the amp and or filter env page that it happens…but can also happen scrolling user samples or wavetables… and im always in multi set up…

God…good luck…


You may also need something to be feeding it midi…and maybe video it on your phone if you can replicate it at home…