Blofeld love


Here’s a pair of them freshly built:

Basically, the way it works, is that this is a sawtooth core VCO. The main sawtooth output then goes through a singular version of the saw-animator circuit that I mentioned above (Hutchins / Ludwig). This basically shifts the phase of the sawtooth.

There are then two of each subsequent wave shaper. One off the non-shifted saw, and one off the shifted saw.

So Saw>Triangle>Sine for phased and non-phased.

The tricky part is removing the rectification glitches in the shaped waveforms off of the phased sawtooth. That took me the longest time to figure out, and is one of the main improvements of my VCO over other ones that I’ve seen before. Also, getting the phase modulation to smoothly go through zero via CV was a bit tricky. These are the reason the boards are so large, and use so many parts. There’s a lot of brute forcing going on to get everything just right. There is one final stage, which sums the phased and non-phased sine waves together. This can be done externally for the other wave shapes as well, but the goal of this VCO was to make DX style tones, so I spared the parts for the other waves.

Anyway, that’s more or less it.

I typically use Burr Brown op amps, but these were built to test different (and less expensive) types for another project, to see if the cost could be brought down a little bit without sacrificing the quality of the output. We shall see. :face_with_monocle:


Nice, looks like a very solid build. Thanks for sharing.

What would you be mounting this too? Must be great getting sound out of your own build.

Guessing you get custom PCBs made and and then hand solder?

Would love to here wave examples and maybe play with some in my MDUW.


There are some examples on my Soundcloud page.

Typically, I’d put them in something like these:


Beautiful work mate :heart_eyes:


Thank you!!

Sorry to be so far off topic! Still trying to figurd out what that guy is actually doing on the Blofeld. I just need to watch the video again, and do a bit better at decoding the colloquialisms. I have a feeling it’s more than just a table mod, but something less than coding a new algorithm/engine.

Hey, if it somehow manages some cool PM through simple or even included means, but brings it out forward for easier use… that’s cool on its own. Just not quite sure after one late night viewing. :wink:


That’s Corvus Crow. He’s quite the character!
He has done some very cool experiments with wavetables and whatnot.
We communicate with each other at least once a week.
Nice to see other Blofeld programmers out in the wilderness!

Everyone has their own bent on the Blofeld. Myself I am rolling in on
patch H111 of H128 and then I would have programmed 1024 custom
patches all from the front panel.


Wow that is simply stunning…jaw dropping…art to look at…


Yeah great visual design and I am sure they are super fun to play around with. I like the sounds you are getting out of them, love them clinical, sterile, refined yet raw synthesis sounds.

You get to play this in large spaces ever?

Are you using the ‘Stroh’ setup on the DigitaktMicroMix track?


Thanks for the kind words, and sorry for the hijack!

No, the Micro-Mix thing is 100% Digitakt. (Mostly single cycles, a few twisted up SID samples from the SID pack, and a couple 808 samples…)

I’d like to incorporate some of my modules soon. I’m just wrapping up a build for someone, so I haven’t had time to get my own system back in order again.


Yesterday i fired up my Blofeld just fur fun. This time i was going thru the samples but i was surprised that i only found 42 Samples on the Blofeld. As far as i remember there have been more on it. If this is the case, then it seems that my Blofeld has lost some of the Samples and it ends with A41 ‘Impulse’.
Can someone confirm this to me? I remembered (maybe false) that there were a bunch of percussive samples after A41. Hopefully the sample-memory of the Blofeld isn’t somehow faulty.


On mine just one after A41 Impulse and that’s ‘909’

But now I’m wondering if I put that on there!


ok thank you, now i know that the memory has been cleared… somehow


Just got a Blofeld after having my eyes on it for a few years - I bought one a while back but the encoders were gone so I got my money back and never got the chance to go deep into it. Big fan of Nave so a hardware version of some of that at such a low price was too hard to resist.

Most of what people say in here is spot on IMO - surprisingly pleasant to program/edit despite the limited number of knobs and can make some awesome sounds. On the other hand, the effects aren’t that great (was running mine through the Digitone before which sounded lovely though!) and the presets are really crappy! I actually think I’m going to wipe them all and just fill it with my own ones and maybe some soundbanks - treating this as a good thing though so I can learn to program better :slight_smile:

Any must watch/read resources for new users?


Should I have any samples if mine does not have the SL licence? The sample memory seems to be totally empty in mind. Not really bothered about using it for samples but if there are meant to be some by default I’d be interested to try and restore them!


The desktop version requires you to buy the SL license to access the sample memory. Opinion seems divided on whether it’s worth it, I’d say wait for a sale if you are thinking about it. There’s plenty else to do with the Blofeld. You can still upload your own wavetables without the SL license.


you would need the SL license to be able to have samples on the Blofeld, i would start using the machine on its own and then think about whether it’s something you might want to have/add…even without samples there’s plenty that can be done with it :control_knobs: :smiley:


Ah cool, thanks both! I just wasn’t sure if I should have factory samples loaded in there by default (and the SL licence allows you to replace them) or not.

Not interested in the SL feature really as I have a DT and OT for working with samples in a much more immediate way, I was just curious if there was something wrong with my Blofeld or not :slight_smile:


Just wondering if anyone can help with a couple of Sample License questions. Have done a bit of searching but so far have come up empty.

  1. Is monophonic portamento/glide supported for user samples?
  2. Can the glide time or rate be adjusted?
  3. Can user samples’ pitch be modulated via LFO for subtle vibrato wooziness?
  4. Is there any free software on Mac that can create the loop points? (Or with Ableton/Logic/AudioFinder as I have them already?)

Any help would be very appreciated.


I downloaded the pdf and searched for terms like ‘sample’ and ‘glide’ and found some interesting reading. :nerd_face:

Yes, to questions 1–3.


Yeh to question 4 as well…

I create samples in FL studio and the loop points are caried over to the licence SL…