Blofeld love


Thanks to both if you. Great news about 1-3. If I had FL Studio, looks like 4 would be solved as well.


Oh im sure no matter what software you set the loop points in, it will translate…i have one or two samples from a Future Music sample CD ( that takes me back) that have loop points set in what ever piece of software they were created on…? And the loop points work…


i don’t think Live embeds them in the audio file but in the asd file instead, in a “non destructive” manner


1/ yes
2/ yes
3/ yes
4/ I don’t know about free, sorry. But I’ve used loop editor 2 in the past. Renoise will do this too.


here is a little something i recorded using only a keystep and the blofeld. it shows just how tweakable the blofeld actually is once you get a hang of the matrix. enjoy!


I’ve been finding the Spectre app utterly confusing when it comes to loading samples. It’s fine with system upgrades, and I managed to successfully install the SL license pack with the included samples, and all that shows up just fine. (I’ve also had no problems with using Midiox to upload sysex patches and wavetables).

My confusion is- I can see there is Program A with 61 samples and a free slot (A62). But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to load a sample into slot A62.

Another question- is it limited to 62 sample slots?
Can I upload multiple sample programs to the Blofeld (A, B, C etc) so long as the total is under 60 MB? Or only one program at a time?

Any help appreciated- Although if possible I would prefer advice on how to use Spectre rather than suggestions to use alternative software.

EDIT- just to add to the confusion, the Waldorf site itself contains contradictory information at different places., about what you and can’t do with Spectre!


I believe the numbering for Programs is A1 - A128, then B1 - …

I have 130 Programs loaded, so mine go from A1-128, then B1, B2.


i love my blofeld! i recorded a dark ambient album back in november on it, using a lot of great techniques theorized by Mark Pigott on YouTube. check out his channel too


Yes, spectre is quite bad. I wrote my scripts to generate the xml to be later uploaded by spectre so I don’t have to spend too much time in it.


I do find the Mark Piggot tutorials helpful, but I actually wish they included a bit more ‘theory’. The ones I’ve watched are very much “go to this menu, set this parameter to 64…”.

I think it would be better as a learning tool if he took a moment to explain why he chooses these settings and what function they serve in the design of the sound. But maybe I’m asking too much :nerd_face: