Blofeld love


I’ve updated to 1.24 on my “black” unit. No problems so far. Guess the colour makes it relatively new…?


Got a “black” unit the other week, brand new, it had those issues out of the box.

You are a lucky person :+1: . Not all units seem to be infected.


You probably right. It is already the case that a lot of producers use only plugins. I sometimes struggle with the fact that i can have almost anything on a laptop. A few days ago i started to make a Track, in FL studio. There are so many things that can be done easily and much faster on the pc. But i always have the problem to get something done, because of the insane amount of possibilities. I really hope that Hardware synths never die out completely. But who knows, maybe the future brings something between like a Controller keyboard with big screen that can load plugins or even a full DAW. I know that’s already possible by connecting a midi controller to a pc… the Modor NF-1 and the GR-1 are very tempting… I probably have to build my own Eurorack/semi modular combination. Until then i will use Reaktor :wink:


What is needed is a controller with lots of knobs and nice OLED screens above the knobs, like in the big new Akai Mpc X, so that it can display the synth/plugin parameters. Not some plastic crap made by Novation!


Ahh… did you not see what I posted that day???

Installing the latest, newest OS update on any machine is never a good idea unless it has something you really need and you know from people testing it that it works OK…


I read it basically a hour after I updated! XD if I had read it before i would not have done it. But a believe the bugs occur only on the older modules which didn’t need this update!


I hope you can fix it… So Waldorf are saying that downgrading back to 1.22 is bad?


I recently hooked up a Machinedrum to the Blofeld… and realised that the MD can p-lock ANY MIDI CC on each step…not just 6 fixed CCs but many more can be p-locked …as well as program changes on each step… mind=blown!

I did get the Blofeld stuck (not responding to note off) by sending lots of CCs at the same time… but with careful usage the possibilities are ridiculous!
Before I knew it it was 3 am…


I did this but with mnm. Mnm and blofeld together is a great digital sound combo. I assume digitone and blofeld will also work well together.


Yes I just performed a „downgrade“. Basically like a normal update but with the file of 1.22. I first had a panic because of the Waldorf statement that you should do only updates and no downgrades. But I guess this statement was done to avoid people sending back units for repair, with bugs that are actually fixed In newer versions. Or maybe the newer units need this update to work properly. The update to 1.24 is only necessary if it’s one of the newer units!
Only reason i even did the update was because I had problems to import some of my new created wavetables. But this problem had nothing to do with the Blofeld, it was just a wrong setting in the Wavetable creator I used. Now everything works perfect again.
But if something works perfectly fine, then it’s sometimes better to avoid updates.
The machine drum is just awesome, I wish I could do that with my OT, but the 6-10 CCs usually are enough, since the Blofeld already is a master of Sound modulation. And there is always the alternative to use another midi track with the same channel to get even more CC controls and LFOs. But the soundlock/program change per step on the MD is absolutely mindblowing!



I checked again and it is true… neither the LFO nor the arp will sync to MIDI clock. . .
I guess for the price we can’t really complain … the arp can just be set to the same tempo as the project and then retriggered every bar or two to maintain sync… and the LFO can be set to retrigger and synced by ear …


maybe too much overlap here.


Overlap, between fm and va and wavetable?


Overlap between the general tone of these two synth.


Could be, I am actually pretty curious how the digitone will end up sounding in real life.


I haven’t touch my Blofeld since I got the Digitone, but it’s normal because this is still the “honeymoon phase”. I get similar results in pads or drums. Will I keep both ? Can’t say now… Blofeld goes way beyond the Digitone as far as synthesis is concerned but of course just like any Elektron box, sequencer integration is the killer feature.


I’ve had the Blofeld for about a month now…starting to figure out how everything works under the hood. I need to start making some of my own sounds now. What’s the easiest way to clear out a bank of presets, so I don’t have to save over the default sounds? Is there a program to make managing all the presets easier? I guess I’m just curious what you guys do…


I’m just getting to around the same place you are. I’ve made some sounds, but only saved over existing ones, and loaded in the Analog Voltage sounds from Don Solaris because some of them are so good. I’m well versed in matrix editing from my years with Pulses, Micro-Qs, and even the Q/XT/XTk (even though they also have knobs). However, more and more I’ve been looking at some of the prominent patch editors.

The Mystery Island one
looks really cool, as well as the Rekon Audio one. I’m leaning toward the bloX one though. I’d love to hear what else people are using for this though, as if there’s something free, or just plain better, I’d love to know.

As far as just wiping out the presets, I’m not sure, but I’m more or less ready to do that now as well.


I bought the Analog Voltage set too…just sounded too good to pass up. Haven’t put it on the Blofeld yet though because I don’t want to overwrite some sounds I might not want to lose! If anyone knows of a free editor that would be great…the thought of moving all the factory sounds I don’t like to one bank so I can overwrite it sounds simple, but doing all that through the menus will be a major PITA.