Blofeld love


Absolutly … my favorite is “Pickup 2” :smiley:


The presets are pretty awful though. Best to ditch them and start from scratch. :slight_smile:


You’re damn right… to any blofeld user I would recommend this patch bank as a starting point:


They are beautiful! There’s 2 synths I really regret selling, Blofeld and Evolver.
The Patch Base app makes me feel I should buy another Blofeld (and maybe another Evolver too)…


I also regret the evolver. Another beast…


2nd hand prices for the Evolver are crazy at the moment, Desktop is almost £450


as low as 360€ here…


Great synth, wavetables, filter drive options, a matrix, 007 reference, 1000(!!) slots for presets, large display with useful information, multitimbral, etc what’s not too like!

Get the pots replaced if they start skipping values. The rest of the build quality is solid, I dropped the white desktop unit last year and “catched” it with my right foot. I broke a toe in 3 places, still need to get some surgery for that, it never healed right. Thank you Waldorf for forever ruining my Yoga game.


Wow! Lots of responses.



The Blofeld is good, but the XT is on a different astral plan, imo


I also have an iPad, and while I think the synths on there are great, I really miss my blofeld. It is way more immediate imo than nave.
It wouldn’t do anything sonically for me that I can’t do on the iPad, and that’s why I sold it, but I am definitely getting another one.
I really is that good. Presets are fine, I had zero issues with mine when I had it. I didn’t really use multi mode tho, that was a pain in the **s.


I’m torn between one of these and a NF1-M to compliment my Digitakt and Modular. It’d be great to have some poly action for pads, stabs, drones… Has anyone some experience with both of them ? They are both white, small and digital, I guess that’s the main idea. Woldorf seems maybe more versatile ? I’m a bit afraid of the UI though… Yet the NF1-M has a shit screen… I would sequence it from the Digi as well. I don’t have a midi keyboard and I’m not keys savvy anyway.

There are definitely some great examples here of the Blofeld, + it’s incredibly cheap second hand… Very few good examples of the NF-1m and it’s double the price. Yet it appeals to me a tad more…

It’d be used in a drone-y/ambient-y 5am wharehouse techno music context.


This would point straight to the Blofeld … very versatile synth engine. The wavetables and the option to load user wavetables make it a go-to synth for many pad or atmospheric sounds, including drones. There is also no problem to make house stabs etc.


For the Evolver or the Blofeld?
Blofelds are really cheap in the UK as well, Evolvers are hard to find and expensive.


Blofelds are 250/300€ depending on SL license or not. Evolvers are 350/400€ (FR)


Thanks for the quick answer ! The Blofeld sure looks like a no brainer given the price. Coming from modular I also appreciate the extensive patch matrix. I will probably cop a used one to have a try. Any experience with the Digitakt sequencing it ?

I’ve never had a dedicated poly synth really.


the Blofeld is pretty fast with program changes so you can even have a per-step sound using the digitakt.


and to addition - you can use the samples for FM!! Just load your own waveforms or strange noises to the Blo


Guys can we stop it now? I started looking for 2nd hand Blofelds, this is not good as I have a 1 in/1 out policy which would endanger the A4.


I only have the Modor NF-1m, and have only had it for a few weeks. Biggest wish is that it had the Blofeld’s screen and UI. It has more controls than the Blofeld and the quality seems really good. I’ve been on the fence about Blofeld for years, never quite connecting with the sounds I’ve heard in various demos, but it really has the kind of depth I want and chances are I may have one in my lineup eventually. I need to do a pruning of my digital synths - I’ve overloaded on them in the last two months.

Anyways, I like the Modor. Really clear sound - maybe a little too bright and intense (or that may be some of the noise oscillators I’ve been including in my early sound designs). Fairly straightforward sound design. The FM and Additive stuff you can have on an individual oscillator is pretty good. It’s got a comb filter as the foundation for its chorus/flanger effects (I love a comb filter and know the Blofeld has one too). The formant filter can be a pretty cool sound design addition. It can be really good for drones as any of its envelopes, including the main amp envelope, can be set to loop and never close, effectively turning them into additional LFOs.

All that said, the last couple days (even with ‘too many new digital synths in my arsenal!’) I have been watching Blofeld videos again. Seems like there’s a pretty good new batch of them over the past few months.