BLACKHOLE _ digitone library


Hi guys!!!
Here we are again to announce the release of

“BLACKHOLE” a new & fresh digitone soundpack!


128 sounds _
fm percussion (kick,snare,hh) / fm noise / space pad / future bass and cosmic lead!

demo here

blhssx 12 30 49.4, +12° 23′ 28″


Love :cb_r:


I’m away from my DN for about a week. Is there a soundcloud or youtube link or any other way I can check out the sounds from this pack without importing the demo sounds to my DN?



Hola ^^

We are working on audio demo (thanks OB!) That we will publish online these days !!

Thanks for your attention!
:thup: . . . mm . . . better this way!!! blhss


I want to hear that! And I love black holes (the ones from space I mean), check this channel Richard!


Hola grumo!!!
eheeh (the ones from space I mean!!)
They are really interesting and fascinating topics ^^

Nice channel!


Would love to hear it first.


I am right now on my DAW to record an audio demo!!!

in these days I load them on the site …
Thanks for your interest :heart:


For sure they are going to sound great, same than Plancton!


Plancton was awesome and is still one of my favorites sound packs. I’m also curious to hear what this sounds like, since it will probably be just as cool :slight_smile:


grazie Diego!!! :heart:

I’m starting to insert digitone demo patters on soundcloud…

digitone pattern 02

▲ soundlist ▲

track 1 _ biosuono (plancton library)
track 2 _ abysmal (plancton library)
track 3 _ molecole (plancton library)
track 4 _ kick/snare/perc (blackhole library)

digitone pattern 01
ehehhe … no comment :alien:

▲ soundlist ▲

track 1 _ toro + bario (plancton library)
track 2 _ prozac B (blackhole library)
track 3 _ blue! (blackhole library)
track 4 _ kick/snare/perc (blackhole library)

more soon …



Come to Daddy! Awesome.


next múm style!!! digitone is very good at imitating the sounds of the Icelandic group :diddly:
thanks chief ^^


added BLACKHOLE sounds (played in MAJ chord)

at the bottom of the webpage

or here






What a great sound library! I picked up both this one and Plancton (which has a whopping 256 sounds) and as a guy doing “scifi dance music”, both Black Hole and Plancton have an incredible array of appropriate sounds for what I’m doing. These two libraries both range from musical, ethereal and atmospheric to very harsh (in a good way) and strange, and all points in between. I can tell already I’m going to be drawing from these sounds quite a bit for my compositions.


Hi Leslie !!! Thank you so much!!
What beautiful words !! I’m really happy with your feedback !! :thup:

greetings from Tuscany ^^