Black Friday Weekend

50% off selected Digitakt, Digitone, Analog Four, and Analog Rytm Sound Packs until noon Monday.

Head over to and go wild.


I hate my life, I just bought all the Digitone packs a couple weeks ago. If you’ve been waiting now is the time, they are all great.


Ooo forgot about the two new one that just got released though! They are listed at 6.00$, but the original price was 10$. Did they recently get bumped up to 12$?

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Haha, same for me, but i’ve also already bought the new ones for the full price. I don’t regret it, because you can find some good sounds in all of them. Hoped to grab some Octatrack packs, but no luck, no deals for OT packs. Pfft, will do my own. :grin:


Same, worth it though as they’re all great! Learning a lot by seeing how the patches are set up, especially the (d) Tones pack by @glitched .

Wanted to get Curcussion for Rytm too, but not part of the deal either unfortunately.


Great. Foundation is right up my alley.

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Nice one! Got me some nice Digi* Packs!


Hope its ok to ress this topic since Black Friday is coming soon! Really looking forward to this year’s discounts to dive deep into some Elektron packs :slight_smile:

Do you guys know as well other noteworthy packs, that are good for Elektron machines and are usually discounted on Black Friday? Cheers!

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