Best way to set up a song using a full backing track on 1 track, plus 4 bar loops


This is me being slightly lazy, but I reckon the hive mind here will be much better at getting to the best way of doing this than me.

Let’s say that I have a song where I want to play a full backing track on at least one track (T1, for example), but want to have 4 bar loops on others (let’s say T5-T7) that I can manipulate live and switch between song sections using pattern changes?

In your experience, is it best to do this with a one shot trig and infinite release so the whole sampled backing track plays? With this method, will the backing track keep playing when I switch to another pattern in the same bank where that track (T1) has identical settings but no trigs in it, or will the backing track cut out as soon as the pattern changes?

Or would it be best to go Plays Free for the backing track? If so, how would I make sure that the backing track syncs up with the loops and there are no timing issues?

Thanks for your help, guys!


I guess one-shot trig on the backing track would do the trick.

that way, it would be in sync with the loops.

As long as you don´t disarm or stop playback (or double-tap “stop”) on that track, it SHOULD keep playing even through pattern changes.
can´t use that one track for anything else really, I guess.

(man I just noticed how rusty I have gotten on my octatrack skills… need to dive back into that thing)