Best way to scratch a sample in 2021?

Any of the more premium Pioneer DDJ controllers will do.

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hmm… looks nice but super cheap
at the same time - I’d rather buy a classic 1210 than this tbh

…hmm… he should go the other route and start a company asap. I mean seriously… how many people will DIY this. 10? 20? Now there’s nothing in stock because there’s a slow production pipeline. I’d also buy more gear from him in that style - cool stuff!

Also I really don’t know … those claims to not offer waranty - is that even legal? :grinning:

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Honestly, he’s not remotely interested in starting a business making them. He loves things that he sees as challenges that he sets himself but once he’s achieved it he might refine it (SC1000 -> SC500 for example) but he isn’t into making lots of them.

the omni is a piece of trash. mine never worked properly. never even spun at the right speeds

if anyone wants to buy mine, PM me. lol

Cheapo alternativ is to use a touch screen like a ipad with something like IK multimedia dj rig. Or the Akai MPC app can load samples in the edit menu with a scratchable virtual vinyl player that you can use with own samples. Is the octatrack class compliant too? You could sample things from octa in MPC app, scratch it and sample scratch session back on the fly.

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Dude are you serious. That’s super disappointing I was looking forward to grabbing one. All I’ve seen are good reviews. Are you sure you didn’t get a bad unit or something? Have you tried contacting them?

Thanks for all the suggestions so far folks!

Top contenders so far are:

MPC Live 2 X/Y pad, ‘cos I already have one and didn’t even think to investigate it. D’Oh!

Traktor controllers, ‘cos it came with Komplete and is lying dormant on my hard drive.

An old CDJ.

Keep em coming!


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This is another prototype the „Scratch Illuminati“ did: a modded Reloop Spin with a Dicer and Rasberry Pi running PiDeck DVS on it. He sent it over to me to test it and record a video but unfortunately something didn’t work properly and I had to send it back again. When he has some time to fix it he might send it over again. His QFO style SC1000 was bonkers but he also has zero interest in starting a business. He‘s enjoying the engineering part of the process and couldn’t care less about the rest.


unfortunately so… don’t think it was just mine. they were mailing me wires etc to fix.

the reloop spin is light years ahead… in terms of being an actual working turntable

I can totally understand that too. They’re so completely different things - to go from inventing something and the intellectual challenge of realising an idea as a physical object… to making that same object over and over again or even spending untold hours/days/weeks/months finding a method of having other people make it. I can 100% appreciate why they wouldn’t be interested in starting a business

Hopefully I’m not going too off-topic here but you can put your samples on actual vinyl, lots of websites offer such services. Costs about 20-30 euro for 8 mins (4 mins per side) on a 7 inch. There’re also machines to make them at home yourself but they’re not cheap, about 2000-2500 euro and then you’d still have to buy some blank vinyl for it as well. Blanks are about 10 euro a piece.

The first option is pretty nice. It’s cheap and 8 minutes are a lot of samples. Not just for scratching but also for sound design it can be a pretty interesting medium. You could scratch it up or sand it down too if you’re into more experimental stuff.

The latest album for loscil was made from 1 sample put on a 7" which was psychically “damaged” then resampled and mangled into lovely ambient bliss.

The latest collection by Cascadian resident loscil aka Scott Morgan is a stunning meditation on light, shade, and decay, sourced from a single three-minute composition performed by a 22-piece string orchestra in Budapest. The subsequent recording was lathe-cut on to a 7-inch, then “scratched and abused to add texture and color,” from which the entirety of Clara was sampled, shape-shifted, and sculpted.


Interesting. But not for me. I need a quicker process.

The SC1000 looks really nice, but I’d love to see something like it with a pair of audio inputs, set up so you could use it as a transition looper and crossfader on live material as well as scratching.

the SC-500/SC-1000mk2 decks work great…

naturally there is better control on the larger one due to its size…

my fav digital option is these numark cdx’s
which can be had for cheap,


Jeez what a let down well thanks for saving me $350. Looks like they did a good job sweeping the bad reviews under the rug huh. The Reloop one is cool (but no DVS right?) but you can’t adjust the cut in point or curves if I remember correctly. So you gotta drop in third party faders in there which drives up the price into “I may as well just get a real TT” territory.

another far better than you would think option that cost almost nothing


That sekonz video is me …thx for sharing bro…thers a few vids on it. You can see the usb battery pack underneath.


Headache sound omni. I sold both technics 1210 and had a pnp2 fader. Im just as good as on the elite of a scratch setup as i am on the omni but a true pro might prefer the pinnacle scratch setup. Im now adding a 3rd ipad to an audio4c. Will check to see if it works. The turnatable has a built in soundcard for djplayerpro. So instead of using an iphone. Id add a 3rd ipad so it can be used for an extra on screen app. Djplayerpro in the background. Because djplayer pro dosent appear in an ios host. Id use a bluetooth controller to map a delay in djplayer pro ( if it has delays ) and some other knobs to the extra synth in my ios system. This way there would be effects on the output level and not on a stereo input level of main session ipad. It goes 3rd ipad using an original cck, to deck. Then output with psuedo balanced rca cable to audio4c input. A 3rd ipad but with still midi control of app, plus a sick digital deck. The other ipads have an array of controllers that can be routed anywhere ( apart from 3rd ipad ) Will need to see if the 3rd ipad thing ticks all boxes described and isnt that noisy but deck is good. Like I say sold technics. Its a belt drive but seems more torque than a 1210 plus it has ultra pitch and the fader can be so sharp it bleeds.

My vid. Havent used deck since I bought lol but will when I set everything up. Then get a bit better at scratching. The fader is so sharp you can actually just tap the top. Its slightly too sharp, hence the bleed but it wont bleed when cutting. Even then you can then do bleeded cuts lol. You can see the torque of the motor. Hope it lasts as I sold my decks. Hope using for an ipad to pass audio through dosent shorten deck lifespan.