Best way to learn Max & DSP


I understand that Max is super deep as is DSP and programming midi devices.

I’d like to learn Max and then use it as a tool to understand DSP/Sequencing

I’ve got a Udemy courses im working through- but it’s only going to get my feet wet and I’m going to be lost afterwards and YouTube videos are working with older versions of max that aren’t accurate to follow currently.

Anybody got any ideas on processes I could use to get less lost in the Max terrain?



(slightly) off-topic, but this is a great learning resource:


Shoot, yeah, I’ve got the hard copy of that and the repo on my computer- I guess I’ll give that a go once I finish this Max Msp course, I was hoping for another approach to programming, it might be fun to get a more visual perspective to programming.

Did you finish the material? You found it enlightening?


I also found this course on Max Msp(opposed to M4L)

The multiple channels in max 8 might actually make a crossgrade more compelling- (there’s that desire to be the type of person that owns a max standalone again)

I do want to try to make all of my sound sources coming from Max at one time- well see


Almost finished it, now I’m putting it in practice for one of my pet project. I liked it a lot.

I don’t like visual programming. I program for a living (nothing music or sound related) and my brain is “wired” to code. But one of my friend makes vsts for a living and he usually starts his projects with a Max prototype before translating it to c++.


Step by Step: Adventures in Sequencing with Max/MSP

by Gregory Taylor

This book assumes some Max basics, which can be learned from the examples in the help files.

For me, learning how to use the help/documentation/examples that comes with Max has probably been the greatest learning aid I’ve come across so far (besides this book).


Word up! I can get that!

Thanks for the testimonial to ThinkDSP! I’ll definitely give that a look see!


Dude! That’s whats up! I’m gonna order that soon!


Before you do that, click on the authors name in my post and read the interview… which also contains more useful links.


kadenze has great free classes. you just need to make an account.

also, there’s a series of books… he has a max8 version coming soon but they’re all applicable.


Really looking forward for the Max 8 version of the Capriani and Giri book to come out too.


The Cipriani books @ignatius pointed out aren’t cheap, but they’re worth every penny.


there’s a lot of copies out there and often they come up used at around half price. also, if you live in a city w/a decent library system you maybe can request it.

also, there’s a ton of tutorials on youtube… delicious tutorials are good but he goes fast sometimes… there’s some other slower tutorials more suitable for noobs.


+1 for the Kadenze Max course. I’m going through that at the moment and it makes a lot of sense!


I really like his videos. Also, for those not knowin’, updated versions of the Delicious Tutorials are part of Max 8.


The thing that has always pushed me past the just-fucking-around point into really learning a programming language is having something I want to make. Without that I’ve never really gotten off the starting blocks.

It’s easier said than done sometimes, but if you can find an idea or vision that you’re passionate about building, the rest will come much easier.


That kadenze course is no joke. Expertly laid out. Goes through just enough patching to feel fun and empowering and then slipping in enough theory/necessary information(that might be less fun than making crazy stuff)

Also, getting one of the creators of Max for the tutorial was a super nice touch.

Learning from this course is the most enjoyable part of my days


‘help’ directory/examples and tutorials in Max; physics/mathematics/EE/CS for proper DSP


Ah! I just did a search on it- and it looks like there’s already a version in Spanish published!

It’s like I can only barely graze it with my fingertips- but can’t grab it


This is really the best starting point.