Best way to import samples from a computer?

I would like to import samples from my PC. I have many edited samples and don’t want to resample them into the octatrack. What is the best way to import them into the octatrack and organize them? I take it there is some sort of software librarian?

I am brand new to the octatrack.

Thank you!

Joe Howard

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You don’t need to resample them.

Put the Octatrack into USB mode [Function] + [Mixer] -> [System] -> [USB Mode] and the Octatrack will appear as an external drive on your computer.

Then copy your samples over into the \Set\AUDIO folder

This is the Audio Pool, Samples in here are available to all Projects in your set.

Eject the Octatrack as per any other external drive.

Double click [Playback] on an Audio Track using a Static or Flex machine, then you can browse the samples in the Audio Pool (Use the [Arrow] keys and [Yes]/[No] to navigate/select)

Once you’ve added a sample into the Project, it will be available on any Bank / Track.

OctaEdit : A Software Editor and Librarian for the Elektron Octatrack DPS-1.

Disclosure: I’m the developer of OctaEdit.


Thank you Rusty. I was able to connect the two and listen to samples that were saved on the octratrack via the computer. I will attemp to import my sounds as you described tomorrow. Also, I could be interested in your software.

Thanks again


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Some USB 2 Windows does not work properly. make sure octa is attached to the computer before switching on. its a moody little beast…

If you can’t get it to work, you can maybe also use a CF card reader… Did anybody ever try that?

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OT in USB mode works like a charme, of course you can use a CF card reader as well.

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Be careful when inserting the CF, don’t break the pins of the Ot’s card slot.
Yesterday I had to restart Ot to be recognized via Usb with windows.
Some people have problems with Mac.

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It is definitely better to use OT in USB mode and keep the removal/insertion of the CF card to a bare minimum. If you get a bent pin, you’re in a whole lot of expensive pain.


I was able to access the files via a MAC no problem. It also makes sense to leave the card in as much as possible so the pins don’t get damaged.

I need to get my head around the file management system that Elektron uses. It seems quite foreign to me. On my akai samplers, I simply create various directories and therefore know where to search. Elektron is odd with the sample pool etc… I just need to understand it.

Thanks everyone


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Never take the CF card out without good reason.

The Audio Pool is shared throughout the set. Any Project can access samples in the audio pool, or any sub-folders. How you organise it is your decision. For example:


Is all perfectly valid, then just browse for them when adding the samples.


once you transfer those samples, does they go to cd card or ram memory?

You mount the CF card over USB. Anything you copy via USB from your computer goes to the CF card.

You can’t write to RAM over USB, only by sampling into a track’s recorder buffer.

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Flex Machines play samples from RAM, Static Machines stream from the cf card.

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CF Card. Anything you copy over goes to the CF card. You don’t have access to the memory. It is just the project loading/writing in there.

Hey Rusty. When will your Software be available for purchase again?