Best routing options

Hi, gear I’m using is Digitakt - rme fireface uc - Logic X - tascam 424
What I am trying to achieve is to send my Digitakt tracks to Logic. Separate those tracks in overbridge and send those out to my 424 to record to cassette.
What is the best way to achieve this?
Thanks in advance :pray:

Well if you get overbridge running it’s all over usb so you split the 8 tracks so they end up on 8 different tracks in logic (not a logic user but shouldn’t be hard to figure out) and then are you wanting to mix / master? Or you want to go straight to cassette? If straight output then stick some effects on the tracks you want, plug sound card output to your cassette input. Record on cassette first, play on DT and off it goes. I’d do some mixing at least first and get the levels right first in box and then when you are happy it can go out to the cassette. Good luck let us know how it goes!

*** I didn’t read the OP well enough. You’re wanting to go to 4 separate tracks on the cassette recorder? If you don’t have 4 outputs on soundcard then track them in one at a time to each of the 4 tracks. If you mix well enough you can output once though, but not sure what the exact goal is on the 4 track.

Thanks for the reply !
I have overbridge and can separate the tracks in logic. My goal is mix live on the 424 with the digitakt playing in Logic > interface> 424. Using outboard effects on the 424
Can I run both the digitakt and the interface at the same time ? I’ve tried but one seems to cancel out the other?
Thanks again

Ah outboard effects. Cool project! I am. It 100% sure, I thought you use OVerbride OR the analog outputs., like you said. There might be a trick to use both like using the DT as a soundcard. Try searching the Overbridge part of the forum or asking there. Good luck!!

the easiest way to do that would be aggregate device if youre on mac.

Yes I am in Mac. I did some research on what it is and will give it a shot.
Thanks much