Best Elektron device for live sampling?


I had an idea for a live performance that would involve building a sampled track from something else (eurorack or whatever) which is producing “random” sounds. I have a few old-school rackmount samplers which I adore, but they’re a bit fussy about leaving the studio and the UIs have that “Byzantine” characteristic.

My friend told me that a kaosspad would be a potential candidate, but I thought with some practice with one of the Elektron devices could yield better results.

Unfortunately I have never used an Elektron device and I am not sure about the workflow. Most people seem to be preparing their samples beforehand. Granted, most samplers do require this kind of attention.

The model:samples seemed perfect at first because of how readily tweakable it is, but if I’m reading the manual correctly it doesn’t have any audio inputs!

So I guess that would leave me to deal with the digitakt or octatrak? I don’t think I need as much power as the octatrak offers, so the digitakt seems like my best bet. Would users of this device see live sampling and track building a feasible use of this (or any other) Elektron device? Or maybe there is a workaround for the model:samples I am not considering. Also if you have any suggestions for other non-elektron gear, let me know.


OT is live sampling at its finest. I dont even know if DT can sample while playing back audio


The OT will do everything the Digitakt does and much much more … Now, the Digitakt is way easier to use but if you 're ready to put the effort, The Octatrack is simply amazing. I highly recomment that you check @defenestration videos on youtube …

it will give you an idea of how deep you can dive in this massive ocean !


Octatrack can capture perfectly looped samples while the sequencer is running, you can switch from playing back one shot samples or a loop to playing a just captured loop with the crossfader seaminglessly.

Sampling process can be automated (using Recording Trigs, which means set a step to initiate sampling and sampling starts when the sequencer reaches that step) or initiated manually.

2 FX Blocks for each track, thru machines to effect incoming live audio.
OT has timestretch.

All huge advatages for your application.


I have to say the Octratrack would be the box for this job. Some might say it was designed for this. It can be a daunting machine, but if you approach it in small chunks - like learning the live sampling workflow, it’s not bad. The tricky part is that you haven’t used any elektron box at all yet. There is a little bit of time required to settle into the environment, but that’s what we’re here for.


Thanks all for the input! I guess I do need to consider the OT if it lets me sequence while preparing a sample. Come to think of it that is a pretty rare feature…

Also the recording trigs feature seems really awesome. Thanks for mentioning that Schnork.


OT is the only Elektron sampling with synced recorders, “instant” playing and with the possibility to mangle while recording. You can even overwrite a sample while mangling it.

I don’t know if DT and AR MKII can sample while the sequencer is running, with the ability to play the recording directly after recording, with existing trigs ? Have to save the sample first?

Korg KP3 works pretty well too with midi clock, loopers like RC505 too, but OT is much more powerfull.


OTmkII by far the best Elektron device for this usage.


Just adding to the list, the Machinedrum UW is also capable of doing this using RAM machines:
More limited than the OT in the sampling aspect, of course, but still worth considering.


I’ve done some amazing live sampling/processing things with a Machinedrum UW, fairly easily. But no question the OT is more flexible and powerful.

Outside of Elektron, I’d seriously consider the Deluge (with just added live looping features) and the Empress Zoia (if you’re comfortable setting up loopers and sequencers in a modular way to do what you want)


Yes, I’m totally wrong, and I have the MD I used with guitar, realtime rec / play pitched…:smile:
I’m goint to sell it next week, maybe I don’t want to think about it…:sketchy:

MD can do this too. 2 bars max.