Best Digitone Sound Packs?

Did you select the specific bank where you wanted them to go? If you did was there enough space in that bank? If you chose “Anywhere” as the destination or just dragged in with transfer you might find that the patches are kinda squeezed in where there’s space…

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I chose only “Sounds” in Receive SysEx-Menu of the DN and there was enough space in the Bank. I even tried a completely empty Soundbank with the same result, 46 Sounds and OS-Kick 01 & 02 are missing.

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That’s really weird. Firmware up to date?

Yeah, really weird. OS is 1.30A

While I’m tempted to try and work this out because I hate an unsolved mystery, just email me at my username at, and I’ll export those two as separate sysexs today and we can try sending them individually. My Digitone is sat on my desk plugged in so it’s no bother.


Hello if i miss something let me know :wink:


hmm how do you delete your own comment ? seems you can only edit…

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@Lovelight click on the three dots and you should have a trash icon… it will write to wait 24 hours and then the post will be deleted…

I don’t travel through it for now but those demo you make gives me a very nice feeling. Can’t wait to test it out on the unit i have… sounds even modern to my ears (i say that because you said 80’s). I will review it with few other Packs on the [ definitive list ] of Digitone Sound Packs. probably at the end of the week.


If someone’s interested i’ve created some sounds during lockdown which i’m happy to share if someone’s interested.
Uploaded a vid on YT with the examples.


I just grabbed both of your DN packs, and I’ve had the same thing, Kick01 and 02 aren’t coming in, everything else is fine…

It’s so weird - I’ve re-exported the pack and the data is identical, I wish I could work out why those two fail for some people. Either way, here are the missing kicks as individual sysex files which appear to work: - Google Drive

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Great, thanks.

I downloaded the Digitone Keys sound pack for Bank C of my new Digitone and it’s so much better than the stock banks for mod wheel and aftertouch/expression it’s almost a different machine.

Which of the add-on sound packs has as much commitment to the mod wheel and aftertouch? I’ve been interested in the rtfms and Dissonant World – are they good in this respect?


The only pack I’ve paid for so far is Digitales, and that is not only the most impressive, but also does well with mod wheel and aftertouch. I’ve only installed the free samples of the paid Elektron packs, and of those, the rtFMs appeal the most to me.


CO5MA and Digitales have totally changed my opinion about FM synthesis.

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Well, I bought Digitales. It’s amazing. rtfm2 (which I bought for mod wheel/AT responsiveness) I’m a bit underwhelmed by, if I’m honest. Should’ve stuck to the demo, the best sounds (to me) are in it. It’s not a patch (pun intended) on the lovely Digitone Keys soundbank.

Likewise just last night. Very nice sound pack.

Sorry it is underwhelming; perhaps it will grow on you. I have a DK so the first bank is that nice one. (I had to install the bank that is second on the DN.) Some of those sounds were created by the same person who created the rtFMs. The creator’s initials are at the end of the name of each preset.

I think the focus is just quite different. It’s on some “classic” sounds that I’m not so interested in. I’m still impressed with the quality, I just won’t use most of them. Maybe I should’ve gone for Dissonant World :slight_smile:

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