Best 303 screamer?

Hello !

I Was browsing on internet and I read that the minifooger DRive and the moogerfooger 107 do a good job if you want to make your tb-303 scream… Especially the 107 can really help you to do a lot of stuff…

Do you agree with that?

Which screamer do you use?

Many thanks

Max the gain on an old Mackie 1202 or 1604 and throw a comp over it -

This is my preferred method -


Or with Boss Metalzone or DS1


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Currently using an MXR Distortion+, but always curious about the Empress Multidrive. One of these days…

I think I Will try moog MF 107… Quite expensive but it looks awesome… It Will really improve your 303 a lot !!

I’m thinking of buying a rat tonight.

Check out this page for a comparison of stomp boxes with the TB-303:


I’m also using an MXR Distortion+. Lovely distortion but I find it tricky to use live as it turns the input down a few dB’s when you turn it on. Definitely sounds sweet on my Freebass 303 clone though.

Best? What sound are you looking for?

Myself, I prefer overload in old mixers.

Something like DA FUNK also sounds good …

But instead to buy something that is only an overdrive I would like a processor which gives more option…

Look at this video…

Is no an overdrive but a freq box from MOOG… MF 107

I think can be interesting if tested on a 303…


I have a Rat to use with my x0xb0x and TT-303. Made a quick video when I bought it a year or so ago…

I’ve found that the Rat sounds great with my x0xb0x but not as good with the TT-303. Not sure why that is exactly, must be something to do with the different harmonics of the two machines.

Also I don’t know if you have an A4 but have you tried running the 303 through the filter overdrive. That sounds pretty good!

Hello x0x …

Nice video !

I would like to have an A4 as well but i have already a lot of stuff…

Thanx for the reply!

I think I Will go for a MF 107 …

Not exactly the same… But lets try!!


I would also give a try to ElectroHarmonix GERMANIUM OD …sweet overdrive…

Thanx Gigi … I will :slight_smile:

Previously I’ve used a Boss md2, MXR distortion+, rat and tube screamer with my x0xb0x. However I recently picked up a line 6 m5 for a song and it sounds bloody amazing with the x0xb0x. I’ve tried Line 6 effects before and hated them and admittedly the m5 sounded like ass on everything else. Maybe the hot signal from my x0xb0x works well with the m5? No idea but now I’m considering a second.

Here is a pedal shoot out I did last year with my x0xb0x:

Electro-harmonix Black Finger (lamp, squash):

Electro-harmonix Black Finger (led, squash):

DOD 280:

Boss HM-2 Japan:

Boss HM-2 Tawian:

Boss MD-2:

Boss SD-1:

Ibanez MS-10:

Ibanez TS-9:

Ibanez TS-10:

TC Electronic Integrated preamp (x0xb0x output half):

TC Electronic Integrated preamp (x0xb0x output full):

Z-vex Fuzz Factory:


The Boss SD-1 demo that was posted sounds good enough to me, and it’s only $50. Ordering one for my Bass Bot. :+1:

I use a Johnson Amp J-Station just for the different kinds of amps/cab models and built in crappy delay/verb/chorus.

Its a pos but it fits in the box with x0x and gives me a lot of control.

i get some awesome sounds out of it running through either my swollen pickle or my frostwave resonator.

The RAT is great on a real 808 I must say.

That would sound totally wrong if this wasn’t a gear forum :imp: