Behringer X32 and X-Air - MIDI clock for delay?

Hi all,

after searching the internet for a while now and RTFMing is it true that both the X32 models as well as the X-Air models e.g. X18 do not provide a possibility to sync the internal delay effects via MIDI clock??? Really?? I was looking into one of these but that is really disappointing… Why would Behringer leave this functionality out? I like those mixers but no synced delay is quite useless.

Can someone please confirm/comment?

Haven’t looked into this and it sounds like you’ve done more research than I ever have, but I believe that there is a workaround using snapshots…

you could dial in specific delay times according to tempo save them as snapshots and then use program changes to select the appropriate tempo, like presets, obviously that also means that anything else you want to apply to a track can also be saved in the snapshot so you could get quite creative with it…

But, it’s obviously not a straightforward as midi sync, and requires a bit of setup but it is at very least an option.

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Thanks reubenfinger, that is an interesting idea, so I could save my favorite EFX settings… nice one.

I just checked the manual again, it is also possible to only save or load the EFX settings into a snapshot, which is even nicer. I admit I usually have almost the same effect settings anyway except for delay and reverb times… so 64 Snapshots should be fine.


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