Behringer X-touch Compact with Octatrack?

I’ve been waiting for this controller for 1,5 year ad it seems to be perfect match for the OT. Faders (motorized!) for track volume, knobs for pan, maybe, plus lots of other assignable shit. Any users?

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Looks like it’s fianlly available. Any opinion, chaps?

I was looking at calcs video how to run a launchpad as a midi controller fo octatrack:

is it possible to do the same thing with a behringer x touch?

Not wanting to sound pedantic, but I watched that video out of curiosity and didn’t see much advantages using such a device over the onboard controls of the OT. We already have almost everything right there. OK, some stuff is one click further away on the OT (like going from amp page to filter page) BUT at least you have instant visual feedback. Do you have a special purpose for wanting a remote control? This being said, the Xtouch is a device that uses motorized faders, it’s of course possible to use it as a one-way midi controller but that’ll defeat the purpose of what that device is made for (bi-directional integration with computer software such as (primarily) a DAW). A bit overkill at 500€, to be honest.

maybe you are right.
but in a livesituation it can be nice to be able to access effects and other stuff with one controll. I sometimes find it difficult to remember all combination on the OT. behringer x touch compact is priced around 200, so it is within range

Control surfaces without feedback are a pain. it might be worth figuring out if the OT’s midi feedback settings can work with the X touch. This elektronauts thread is worth reading.

Yes, that was my point. I shelved my Novation Remote SL, after spending months to have everything mapped out, it just wasn’t worth the hassle.

You’ll find that the actual parameteres you’ll want to access with your control surface are the ones that are already at your fingertips. I find the OT’s layout quite efficient, to be honest (I have the MkII). You have “set-up pages” and “mangle pages”. Knowing where they are is a question of practice. It’s more a musical instrument than a production center. Adding a physical control surface to a software DAW makes perfect sense. But I can’t see myself playing around with scenes and parts on the OT with my control surface being totally unsynced. That’s worse than not having one at all imho…

I tried the non compact version and it 100% does not work. They don’t offer a controller editor to make your own mappings. The expectation is that you do that within your daw. The compact version does have the editor though for what its worth.