Behringer Wasp

I’ve not got a TR808 but nor do I own any of the other clones/re issues/modern instruments. I did have a TR 8 here for a few weeks, sans the oddball psu so didn’t get a chance to use it.

Cards on the table I love the sound of my RD 8 but I am looking forward to taking it with me next time I visit family down south as my uncles got an owner from new 808, unmolested in every way🙂. Would love to do some side by side comparisons between two random instruments.

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That is all that matters in this context.


Agreed. I’d just be interested for myself in seeing how close they are without YouTube compression etc etc.

Maybe they’re just having a bit of fun with the wasp, it being one of the symbols of Manchester…

In all seriousness I wonder if they’ll Euro rack it in the same way as the Boog, Neutron etc or will they maybe go the MicroFreak route with a capacitive touch keybed keeping it more akin to the original. Perhaps they’ll put it into the same form factor as the crave?

Another thought… over the past 10 years or so the availability of a lo5 of CMOS chips has fallen as many of them have been rendered obsolete, especially in PDIP format. Some live on in the SMD realm so I wonder if they’d have use an FPGA for some/all of it? Just thinking aloud…

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Preorders open at Sweetwater…



Omg, these are too good. I feel like I’m going to eventually have a whole rack of these monosynths.

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I know nothing of synth heritage but I recognise this one from some Fall lyrics


TBF that looks half decent, although maybe a bit cramped around the knobs particularly where there are 3 in a row. At least it has not got the crappy keyboard, I think this and the Pro-One designs look the best so far.

Well that answers my format question! Can’t help feeling they’ve missed a trick by not keeping it truer to the original by including some sort of non-mechanical keybed ala the MicroFreak but I’ll take it as it is. I also can see a small rack of these B synth making into Bunker Towers…

They are all a bit small, but I think I lie the K2 best so far

Wow, unreal. Definitely want to see some demos, which are no doubt on their way.

That looks the bizness.

Bees knees?
Aestheticly this has to be my favourite of the behringer copies. If I was going to get one, this one might be a contender.

Weird thing to copy though. Anyone else think that?

I think this is a very good direction for Behringer. Rare and expensive cult classic can now be obtained by anybody. Hopefully more will follow (at GS there were rumours of The Cat for example).

If it has poly chain then surely the knobs respond to MIDI CC# yea?

I’ve been trying to hunt down a pair of MAM Warp-9 wasp multi-mode MIDI filters like the pair I had 20 years ago.
I think two Wasp Deluxes might be cheaper, for stereo work, thanks to the external inputs, as long as one’s knobs can control the other’s, like on the Warp-9s.

Both are clones!


None of their chainable analogues have CC control over any of the important voice parameters - the chaining purely takes care of splicing the MIDI chord up (something trivial that a MIDI processor could do) - the user would have to match settings (or if it was me, expressly avoid matching settings)

it’s a bit of a naff (no)thing to promote, but it’s a feature that will mean something to a few folk


I tend to agree, none of the others have midi cc, so I would not expect the Wasp to either, it is somewhat understandable given the price, although some budget analog stuff has midi cc, like Volcas etc. so maybe there are other reasons too.

thanks for clarifying.

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