Behringer TD-3 [303 clone]

8th :+1:t3:

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if they nail it it’ll be an insta buy from me.
I’m a total sucker for a 303 :slight_smile:

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I’ve had my eye on an RE-303 for a while, but I guess I can wait to find out about the B-03 (?)

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I agree. They don‘t do a lot but they always do sound great

re-303 sounds amazin, but I got one from a pro builder and the pots were scratchy and had no smooth resistance type action when turned. was disappointed.

according to the builder that’s how the kits are, the pots have no support apart from where they’re soldered to the pcb.

At least a 303 clone! But why not if it’s cheap. the tb303 original was cheap and every clone should be cheap too.


Yeah I had seen mention of that about the kits… who was the builder? I am looking at Klanggenerator and was going to ask about the pots

yep, that’s him.
lovely guy, great communication & photos throughout the build. seems to me it wasn’t builder error or anything.
the volume pot is buttery smooth but the rest of em feel terrible.

might be worth seeing if they can do anything to make the pots smoother before you buy. for €1k it’s not ok imo. either that or wait for Friday :wink:

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This makes me sad and Im not sure why…

Maybe that acid music is now in the end a corporate sales pitch

What a horrible state of affairs

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it’s just an iconic unit. if someone can make some good music with em it’s all good. :+1:t3:


I like how they’ve added their own little additions to previous clones. I’m hoping for devilfish mods and a modern sequence option.

will buy two units.


I bought this year already a lot of thingies.
Next year then! :wink:
Thank god it’s only 2 months until!

Very excited about this. Been dragging my feet on the TB03 but most likely this will sound better (analog) and be dirt cheap.

if they add anything I hope for random octave / accent / slides. this sequencer function on the volca nubass is so damn good for writing.


TB-03 sounds great, is well built and has good features for a TB clone (onboard distortion + rev/delay and full midi automation). Only the usb power socket disappoint.


I personally think the tb03 sounds static & lifeless. fx arent pleasing either imo.
It is good to sequence an MB33 or something tho. having the display to show your current step when editing is nice. And the trigger in is good.

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Well, if it is as good as the others clones, it will be my next adquisition. Damn GAS! :joy:

Can’t agree about the sound. But it’s ok, soon we’ll have yet another clone so that everyone can have more choice.

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maybe it’s a two voice 303 : D