Behringer MS-101


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HAHA. I just saw that and was about to comment as well. :wink:


still not sure why they didn’t choose “BS-101”






Anyone know when these will be available in the US? I see some in Europe already have their hands on them.


I checked and – both are preorder – as well as sweetwater in USA. Musicstore says available July 17th. I see Kraft Music in the USA lists delivery as May 31st.

From observation (with the D and Neutron) i think Behringer phases in manufacturing in waves, as they work out the kinks. So there is an initial delivery with a set number of units, and then once they’re confident, they turn up the production. (This is common practice in volume manufacturing.) Given that the early MS-101’s seem to have a few extra wrinkles (nothing too serious imo), that might also delay things a little too.


they’ve released a firmware that reportedly fixes midi/other minor issues , people seem to be happy.


Ask the people on the MS101 FB group how that firmware is working out. Not so good from what I am seeing. Bricked units, inability to update from Mac. 1st note of sequence missing and on and on.


I’m following the gearslutz thread mostly , I did also notice most comments in the release notes were ‘improved’ and not fixed.

I certainly wouldn’t say it’s been an ideal release , but I’ve also experienced worse .
Novation seem to do it well.


Dude we get it – you hate Behringer. Lol, you emerge from the digital woodworks every opportunity that presents itself to sport the elitism.

The MS-101 looks almost exactly like the SH-101, more so than the SH-01a. Following that to its logical conclusion, if you think that the MS-101 looks fugly, then you likely think the SH-101 is fugly too.


bashing the bashers is also bashing
it’s best if there’s no bashing or bashers

there could be a genuine reply about how subjective looks and or sound actually are or even introduce scale to the discussion etc - so a disparaging summary isn’t helping folk wanting to talk about their stuff get on with it - it’s pushing buttons to use BS-101 when not in jest, so let’s not push buttons - if folk want to buy it i don’t see the problem

let’s keep it constructive and civil everyone



Pointing out repetitive behavior of unnecessary and unconstructive commentary is not bashing.

Suggesting otherwise is akin to calling out fake news when someone is just being the messenger.

IMO, if there was a block/ignore feature implemented on this forum like on Muffs, then I feel like there would be less instances of “bashing bashers is also bashing.”

Not sure why this was flagged, but alright.


Ok maybe the fugly bit was subjective, but the firmware issues are worth knowing about, and the fact that it is marketed as a “tribute” to a SH-101 yet manages to sound not very much like one is also a valid point, sorry if you were upset though.


How is that less subjective? It sounds like an SH-101 in every demo, as much as any two SH-101s sound like each other.

edit: I should also add that the full size recreation is very appealing. Even if the sound is a little different, I am familiar with the interface since I already own the SH-01a and an Atlantis.


As it is, the Behringer reboot is just too big IMO. Can’t say I notice the sound difference (their ideal type of customer).

If it fills out the sound in someone’s set up, all is good, surely.


Everithing aside, what I don’t get is why is it so hard for behringer to implement basic midi, and yet they managed to copy circuit design (they say so, it is not what i think about it) ?


I still think the filter sounds a bit too gritty on the MS101, not as elastic as the original; still nice though, in its own way.
I’m not an expert though, just what I can hear through the tinnitus.


Even with the sound being distinct, isn’t it nice that it has a familiar interface with a few tweaks? It’s such a powerful configuration of elements (mixer, modulation routing, etc.) for performance and sound design that I feel like more of them in existence is a good thing.

BTW, I love using the SH-01a with the modular sending gate sequences (as opposed to a regular clock) to the sequencer clock input. Have you ever messed around with that?


Its neat…but no, it doesnt sound like the orig…on its own.
But who cares if its craftily used in a tune.
I personally think its an abomination. But thats my opin. Berh suck for doing this kind if thing.

BUT…you cant see whats being used in a track unless its spelled out for you. So who cares right?
If whoever gets one loves it…great!

[ill stick with my SH-101]


Let’s dial this back a bit, please. Some of these posts are a bit over the line.