Behringer MS-101


It’s fine I don’t even want it but could not care less about your or anybody else’s opinion on the thing, except my 2,5 year old son :smile: :yum:





oh!! the MS-101 is 299$ … no brainer!

Prices were given as $299 for MS-101, and RD-808, $499 for Odyssey and $599 for VC340 and they should all be released in March with 3 year warranties.


Sounds great to me. Sold my microscopic SH-01a. $299! I’ll take a grey one please!


Odd that they chose to use only 32 steps for the sequencer. The 100 note limit is one of the best parts of the 101. Head scratcher.


Why the hell not? One of each please…


This connected to their 808 clone is a dream come true…:laughing:


hopefully I can score an SH-01A for like $200 bucks then.


Anyone know what the ‘Hold’ input in a synth does? Is this the same as a sustain pedal input?


why did they choose to keep the SH-101 keyboard but not the Pro One? was that an homage to the fact that Pro One keyboards are so notoriously awful/unreliable, and 101’s are not? maybe they made sticky sliders on the Odyssey too?


I only want one if they come in grey. I have my white, silver and gold sharpies ready to decorate with lots of psychedelic flowers and imagery. If only red… meh! tee-hee.


It does sound pretty good!


Dunno what it is…but it doesnt sound quite right.
Definitely cool…but its different.


I know what you mean. I think the filter’s a bit different, almost too much squelch.
It sounds good, but I’ll keep my SH01a thanks.


same…I was thinkin…cash in, sell SH101 [though I don’t know how much its dropped since this thing came out] and get one of these.

but the sound…Im not feeling it. and to sell my SH101 for this was making me feel dirty :slight_smile:
cool features…but meh.


Yeah, I reckon your 101 is only worth a couple of hundred now but I’ll take it off your hands for £250 as a favour…


If you own a real SH-101, this is obviously not for you… I think that it’s for people like me who have always wanted one but never got lucky enough… Personally, I’m loving the sound. Is it a perfect copy of the original? Absolutely not but it’s close and does a bit of it own thing as well… The only issue I have is that the sequencer doesn’t transpose when pressing the keys… If they can fix that, it’s got a home in my collection…


Is this not like a latch to hold the keys pressed for the arp?


Hello, I have an MC202 which is basically almost the same as SH101. Also have the sh01a. I’m certainly going to mess around with the MS when it’s in the shops.

But… this MS101 doesn’t sound normal because he turned the FM knob, maybe added the extra triangle sound? As with an original sh101 or mc202 you can’t do that unless you have these extra features/mods which are basically the old novamods:

or even better from circuitbenders: