Behringer DDM4000...any thoughts?

I thinking about picking up one of these to mix my DT, DN and Deepmind 12 into. If the DT had stereo monitoring, I wouldn’t need it but not sure when/if that’s going to happen.

I see mixed reviews on it. I mainly just want something that lets me mute instruments quickly and possibly throw some extra effects on the master/sub mixes.

Some people say the fx are amazing, others say they are “cheezy”. Any 'Nauts have experience with one?

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I have one at home. Effects are fine, especially echo, reverb is good as well but for sure not as good as on digitakt. You can apply compressor on a master which is built in this mixer. Additionally you have 5 pin midi out for midi tempo and to send midi cc from almost any faders, buttons and knobs.
My only one cons is gain and master volume knobs quality. When I’m not using them to long they start cracking, so cleaning and warming up is needed.

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sorry to bump this, but did you get one? very curious about the usability of the built-in sampler for transitions, seems fun/flexible - but not sure how well it syncs (or if you can hold the bpm, for example). Also curious about its MIDI sync capabilities - if it receives MIDI IN for tempo, for example

No sorry, never did. I ended up buying a simple Rolls mixer which let me keep everything smaller
and portable (run off batteries).

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