Behringer 2500 eurorack

Behringer showing arp 2500 eurorack modules,

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Never thought Behringer would be such a large Eurorack player, but they seem headed that way if this becomes real.

ADDED: I read that Behringer is working with AMSynths again for this (they were in on the Behringer 2600 too) — this is a very smart move. This also is a subtle signal that the 2600 is close to launch, hence they can work the next phase.

There will be some amazing synergy, being able to mix 2500 modules with other Eurorack.

ADDED: Four modules of the 2500 series are available for pre-order. These modules are all going to be amazingly inexpensive. More in another SynthAnatomy article:


Tim Shoebridge has put a demo video up. It does sound good.

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The last of the Behringer 2500 series, the 1050 Mix-Sequencer, is now complete and available.

This module has a variety of configurations either as a mixer, or as a sequencer.

Just a guess, but I’d think Behringer will be doing a 2500 package deal product too.


Curious why there isnt more noise about the 2500 on the net.
Its the only thing they have made that has made my ears prick up. How close to Eliane Radigue style drone outs will the full 2500 set get?


The few videos I’ve watched about it seemed to be more interested in using it as a more standard sounding synth, but it doesn’t sound quite right to my ears, sounds too clean and a little sterile.

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Behringer I think you were trying to spell there, Behringer.


Bet we won’t see an A/B comparison on this one.


Cant really say I’d buy one, and the individual modules have no appeal to me as I dont collect eurocrack. If I had the chance to play with one, yeah sure I wouldnt mind a twiddle.

I mean, a 2500, come on.

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Here’s the list of the Behringer 2500 Modules with prices in USD.

Dual Envelope Generator Module 1003 — $79
Oscillator Module 1004 — $109
Modamp Module 1005 — $109
Filtamp Module 1006 — $109
Dual Noise / Random Voltage Generator Module 1016 — $109
Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027 — $139
Dual Envelope Generator Module 1033 — $89
Sample & Hold / Random Voltage Module 1036 —$109
Multimode Filter / Resonator Module 1047 — $109
Mix-Sequencer Module 1050 — $149

In case you missed it in the thread, these were designed by AMSynths for Behringer.

ADDED: Total for ten modules with no discount $1110.

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Yeah, thats another detail that caught my attention. :slight_smile:

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