Behaviour of the buttons in test mode

when I perform the test mode everything is ok
but when I press the sequencer buttons one of theme light all of the leds and the other make the screen goes black. is this normal or a bug ? (machinedrum UW mk2 os 1.63)


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Well, since there seems to be absolutely NO information available on what the test mode is about ( its name and the screen are pretty self-explanatory though ) and whether you could do any tests yourself other than just starting the thing in test mode, I guess no one other than someone from Elektron or some ‘bearer of secrets’ - guru could tell you what is supposed to happen when you press any button during test mode.

Here is what I found on my MD :

[1 BD] turns all segments in the display dark
[2 SD] turns all segments in the display pale
[3 HT] - keeping it pressed turns on all LEDs
- releasing it turns the LEDs in the SOUND SELECTION section off
[4 MT] turns off all LEDs
All other buttons, the encoders ( = DATA ENTRY knobs ) and the SOUND SELECTION wheel have some corresponding LEDs flashing in the SOUND SELECTION section.

Other than that, I don’t know what to do in this mode.
I can’t even tell if my MD passes all performed tests in test mode since I don’t know how to scroll the display page down.

Maybe someone can fill us in on the usefulness of the test mode?
Or, say you’d be in a situation where you quickly had to check the MD’s health, including inputs, outputs, MIDI and so on.
What is the fastest way to get an overview?


ok same as mine. I guess it’s normal. thanks !

From the fog of memory, I seem to recall this getting discussed at the old forum by people far closer to the HQ guys than I am. IIRC test mode is primarily for technicians who are running diagnostics on faulty units, and the behavior you’re describing helps them determine if the LEDs and internal subsystems are operating and coordinating properly.

What is the behaviour of your middle tom button in test mode ? mine light a led on the sound selection (but the light is weaker and it dont stay enlighted when the button is pushed ) is this normal ? thanks