Beginner issue: samples not playing at original speed/tempo

Hello all,

I’m having trouble with the samples once I’ve put them into slots: Trig key 9 plays Sample 1 at the original tempo; however Trig key 10 plays Sample 2 at a slightly faster tempo than original, Trig key 11 at an even faster tempo, etc.

Can someone explain what I should do to get the samples to play at the original tempo?



Welcome to the elektronauts,
Check the audio format: Octatrack only plays 44,1khz @16 bit and 24 bit.
Double click on the audio track and check TSTR (timestretch) settings.
Check parameter locks.
Check scenes.


Yeah most likely due to timestretch being turned on and the OT not picking up the right BPM

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Thanks, both of you. It was the time stretch setting.

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