Befaco VCMC cv to midi

For all you eurorack users. I picked up a VCMC and it’s opens up a lot of new possibilities with the Octatrack. If you could use euro modulation and gates for your OT what would you explore. I have a list of ideas already but wanted to capture the groups wisdom.

Side note the 8 sliders are perfect for volume control over the OT.


It really looks interesting and I saw some befaco demo’s about it a while ago. Still not totally into eurorack so I avoid the topic mostly for now :wink:

Of course as a volume control only it’s a tad overpriced.

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Not used the vcmc itself but I can again attest to the joy of using a multi-channel midi to cv with the Octatrack. Being able to go cv to midi with the vcmc would complete things even further!

what parameters do you find yourself controlling with Midi on the OT?

I use the typical things: filter, pitch, decay, etc. - basically it allows me to use the octatrack as a voltage controlled drum machine. On its own this is not that special (can plock anything inside the octa already of course) - the interesting part is combining this with a modular trigger source to get more creative options with my trigs. Options for trigs are what I want the most - the octatrack gives me plenty of ways to get creative with plocks, lfo, etc. but not much with trigs. Conditional trigs are nice but with modular trig sources I can get much more creative.

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Also I think I find I just like the idea of integrating the Octatrack into the modular because I can so easily capture things. All of the above can be done with many different machines (Digitakt, etc.) but when you add 8 tracks of Octatrack sampling it makes it all feel very unified.

A year later and I still love this combo. Here’s a video explaining how I’m using it.