Bastl BitRanger and Octatrack


I usually make guitar pedal demos, but this is one of my favorite pieces of gear so I had to show it off. I am sending the BitRanger into my Octatrack and gating it using a Thru track, which results in some cool glitchy percussion or semi-tonal sequences.

The BitRanger is very easy to explore and get cool sounds out of, and the Octatrack makes it so much more usable. Do any of you use a BitRanger with your Octatrack, or a different piece of gear that the Octatrack brings new life to?


Just saw your demo and it just convinced me that I need a bitranger in my life x)
The explanation of your setup is very helpful also, thanks a lot for that.


i like that video format. nice work


Really glad you both liked the video! The BitRanger is a ton of fun once you figure it out