Banks Vs Sample Locks for Stems

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I’m setting up stems on a static machine. An example is a song has 7 sections (intro,Vs, Chs etc…) and I would need to change the sample for each section. I need to break it in sections because I want flexibility for live performance.

I can accomplish this in two ways that I know of. Both ways work for me but sample locks seem easier and faster to set up. Is there an advantage over way or the other. By the way, all the machines for this song would otherwise be the same.

  1. Sample Locks on each pattern that change the sample.
  2. Two banks covering 7 patterns using parts to change the sample.

I guess you mean sample locks? That’s what I’d use.

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Yes. I’ll edit that. Thanks. Any reason you would use sample locks over parts?

Yes. If you use several parts, you have to change all off them if you want to change a common parameter like Level, an fx…not with sample locks.


Imo, sample locks make much more sense because you can have the sections sequentially over seven patterns. Using banks not only do you have to switch bank mid-song, but you’re using up 7 parts for a very small change. Using sample locks you could use 2 parts and have two different versions of your whole song e.g. patterns 1-7 with part 1 and 8-15 with part 2.


Thanks for clarifying. This makes sense to me as well. So far I’ve watched 3 YT videos stating parts are better but that didn’t seem to be the way for what I am doing.

Good point. Back to setting up sample locks. I’ll leave Parts for another day…

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Copy/paste parts…

Either sample locks or parts would work fine. Pick which ever one works for you.
I use parts a lot. Others prefer not too. Octatrack allows many ways to achieve same goal. No right or wrong.

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Since parts just make sense when there are differences copy/paste becomes quickly a laborious “copy/paste + modify again” orgy.

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I began to realize this