Avoid Retrigger in Midi Mode


I’ve been searching for ways to hold a midi note indefinitely (in a 16step sequence) and avoid retrigger, in order to create some drones with external gear but I couldn’t find any solutions.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to achieve this in midi, to avoid the need for sampling it?

Thank you!

Inf? With the release at max on the external synth?

Edit-Actually there’s probably an option like plays once or something.
I’m doing a studio rebuild right now so can’t check but someone here will have a definitive answer

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I’d try INF and 1ST Trig Condition.
I’m on THE island.



Inf hold the note but it gets retriggered everytime the sequence loops. I’m trying 1st trig condition doesn’t seem to work either (not sure I’m doing it properly)

Hold trig button and press left or right arrow keys to open the microtiming screen, then turn the level encoder until you see ‘1st’.
This will trigger the step only once. Also set note length to inf.
You should get an infinite sustaining note.

If your synth has the option to turn off retrigger for the amp envelope, you could also set sustain to max and use a looping midi sequence from the OT. Just make sure note length is long enough so the amp envelope does not enter in the release phase before the next note is triggered.

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I’ve experienced a bug that was confirmed with Elektron when sometimes the trig condition is offset by one. For example, sometimes my “1st” trig condition would never trig as the sequencer was skipping right to the 2nd play through. I know, it’s weird.
To see if you are experiencing this, make the trig a “not 1st” and see if it works right away.

Everybody needs to try 1ST.

1st works like a charm. Thanks everyone