Autechre and Industrial style productions!

This is very rough. It’s basically a sketch of some ideas I’ve been trying out for a new project I’m involved with. It’s all Digitakt. Apologies for the quality, but I think it gives a feel of how well suited the Digitakt is for rock/industrial stuff.

I also made a shoegaze track last year with just the Digitakt and Digitone, but all the samples in the Digitakt came from the Digitone.


Dude, Listening to your bandcamp - really enjoying the Exodus album!

My main gig is industrial, Society Burning, but I’ve not yet brought my elektrons into that mix, mostly older synths (Ensoniq, Korg DW5k, etc) and VSTs with the guitars etc. We are heavily influenced by Skinny Puppy, early Ministry, Autechre, etc. Our last full length album from 2010 (EPs and singles ever since) (click thru for additional tracks, some are super synth glitchy things)

This video we did is one of the glitchy tracks:

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Massive fan of Autechre here, not that I would ever hope to replicate their awesomeness. I occasionally do semi industrial ambient hip hop stuff. FM synthesis is the king here, imo. Here’s a couple of examples of DN doing everything through OT effects. Enjoy!


Yoo, I’m late to the nin crew, can you recommend me an album by them? I’m in the same boat I made this sort of dark/heavy post rock bit with just digitone. The rock thing with just synths is up my alley

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ha! awesome!! very cool. i really liked that!
@sigint i really liked that tune, reminds me a little bit of Broken era NIN as well. that glitchy guitar in there was great!
@Fin25 that’s almost some Alec Empire - Intelligence and Sacrifice era style work right there! is that a slayer guitar sample?
@craig i think you’re right! lots of FM sounds definitely give that digital Autechre vibe!
@harmonyinultra I think my biggest influence is The Fragile. it’s probably the more organic of their releases, lots of guitar sounds. otherwise you really can’t go wrong with either The Downward Spiral, or Broken to start with.

since we’re all sharing stuff here, i might as well share some of mine!

this is one of my favorite tracks of mine, you’ll likely be able to spot the Machinedrum on it. the main modular sounding synth sounds are Access Virus C. This is an old old tune, can’t believe it was all recorded in my bedroom when i was 22 years old.

here’s an even older one, apparently no machinedrum on this one from what i have written down in credits

but i’m sure you’ll hear the MD in this one! first thing you’ll hear in fact.


Coool stuff man!

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even better!! love that track. i knew i recognized it from somewhere!

this is some of my favourite stuff i’ve done, heavily influenced by autechre’s nord/elektron period. it’s all max/msp sequencers running MD and a nord lead 2 with some reverb and delay pedals. i really miss that nord


i love my nord lead 2 and Modular G1. that tune you posted definitely had the autechre vibe to it. great work! i’ve got a really cool ambient autechre style thing going on right now on a pattern. might have to share it soon!

cheers! i sold my lead 2 when i bought a g1, which is amazing and i love but i find it lacks the immediacy of the lead. the pitch stick haunts my dreams…

the pitch stick is so great! and the mod wheel being stone is pretty cool too! the G1 Modular doesn’t have the immediacy, but it’s a fantastic machine. it definitely has its sound and i’ve managed to get some really nasty modular textures and drones. funny to think how much bass i can push with a synth that has been said to sound “thin” :laughing

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Good stuff all!

Thought I’d share a more Autechre-like track of ours, unlike the ones i shared before:


Not sure this exactly what you want
but I think you may enjoy anyway

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are you kidding?! both of those tracks were awesome!!


On the industrial front…

I’m just going to point out this thread: DFAM mind melting thread

@fin25 started a little something special here.

You’ll find walls of noise for sure.

Enjoy :upside_down_face:

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i just threw together a 5 track ep with mostly my digitakt and a little bit of nord lead 2, nord modular, and a guitar.


Just something Autechre inspired:


it looks like there may be something Autechre-related brewing! i’ve heard things of a new release, and Warp’s IG story seems to indicate a potential new release announced tomorrow! i suppose we will see

This is the most “in-your-face” track I’ve recorded from the Digitakt so far ^^
CTRL-AL with bit reduction is a good trick to chase such sounds…