Audiothingies Doctor A

“Flexible Stereo Delay + Reverb Processor”


Long time Micromonsta addict and bottle opener owner here.
Thanks for the update looking forward!

Slightly more info:

First demo :


Even more info here:

Sounds pretty nice, but at it’s price-point I can see there being a lot of competition. Worth keeping an eye on…

Sounds good but not interesting enough to justify the price imo

Did anyone buy one of these?

I cannot see how this should be a big success. There’s simply too many fish in the FX pond. And at that price point Audiothingies, which to my knowledge is a one man operation compete with the likes of Strymon, etc.

I am interested in this one as well. And I don’t see many, or any, competition for a desktop stereo delay/reverb combo with this footprint.
I want to squeeze something like this in my live setup, for the OT cues… but i don’t find anything like it with the same footprint…

I have to correct myself, lots of pedals out there, but midi sync is important for me, and not many do… boss rv500 and soirce audio collider, nut I like the controls on this doctor a

Yeah I also like the controls on this one. Seems to be very well suited for a live techno jam :slight_smile:

The only downside for me is that it doesn’t send midi cc out. Would love that for recording the knob movements into the DAW…

But I think that’s not a really big deal. Would be great if there were some more demos… there is only a few…

Does anyone of you have the Doc A? Unfortunately, there are only very few demos and none really showcase the delays…

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I didn’t have the time to watch that video yet, but here it is:


Hehe, thanks! That´s what I needed. :slight_smile: I´m that guy who´s reading reviews for more than half a year before deciding for a new mp3 player and I´m absolutely no “buy to demo at home” guy". When I buy something, I expect it to stay for the next years at least, so the lack of demos pretty much drove me mad. :nerd_face:

It sounds great imho, right up my alley! :blush:

Featurewise it pretty much has what I´d like to see on such a thing. Individual hp and lp and level controls for both delay, can send delay into reverb…patch memory (64 is way more useful than 4).
Nice work definitely! :wink:

Hehe, that demo pretty much sold me on the Doc A. :blush:

Why is it called Doctor A btw?

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Me too :wink:


Same here.
Just stumbled across it and apart from the fact I was in the market for a “bread & butter” rack effect (actually went for a Yamaha SPX 990), I could see myself with this one on the send/return of my Midas…
Sounds absolutely gorgeous to my ears.
Seems though the PCB version is out of stock…
Aluminium version is 339€ and PCB 300€…
Will contact them to check.
Really liking it: full analog path, all controls accessible, simple and sounds WoW :slight_smile:

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Samuel just got back to me to confirm PCBs are back in stock :slight_smile:

Edit: 303€ seems reasonable looking at others… Was also interested in Specular Tempus, Empress Echo, Collider… Will have to reconsider now…

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Having just replaced Audio Source Collider with Doctor A, I do not look back a second. This is such a great box in terms of hands-on control and live tweakability, and it sounds extremely good (to my ears), with a large enough variety of models.


Just ordered the PCB version last night after listening and watching many demos on the web.
It sounds absolutely gorgeous to my ears.
Not sure whether the quality converters or the 8/12 bit reverb and delay make it happen but very different to what I have listened to so far.
Getting close to a Erica Synth delay.
Will come back once received :slight_smile:

Edit: Kill Dry makes it a perfect add-on to a board. Not forgetting MIDI Sync, all controls are CC controllable, hp/hp for both reverb and delay, delay into reverb etc…