Audio Input Gating


I wondered if any of you have achieved this - I cant seem to discover this as a possibility within the various audio setup examples within the manual.

Id like to take an audio input into input A and only allow that audio input to be heard when there is a trig present at any given step. I don’t want to record or use a sampling method as I would like to essentially play a synth in realtime into Input A and have Trigs to allow the audio to add through when they are present.

This will give me a rhythmical gating effect basically to the audio that is entering Input A.

Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Figured it out - using a Thur machine I then set the AMP to TTRG which allows the AMP to be triggered via a Trig. Adjust Envelope shape to taste :slight_smile:


If you lay a bunch of trigs, leave amp settings default, and shorten them with a scene, you can go from continuos audio to gated with the fader… :slight_smile:


The OT never fails to amaze me. Sounds like a cool experiment to try with all kinds of sources. groovy beats, synth patterns, radio/podcasts, and on…


You can also use the filter for a sort of gated filter envelope experience. Have the cutoff all the way down, shape an envelope, put positive depth on the trigs, or again 0 depth on the trigs then activate the positive depth with a scene. Or the other way where the cutoff is all the way up and negative depth either on the trigs or a scene.


Need to look into the “gatebox plate reverb” more for gating, I’m quite sure it’s got some tricks up its sleeve…