Arturia Keystep : Questions

Just a question to arturia keystep owners: does it sends any midi Messages when you change midi channel?
Thank you in advance

Funnily enough, I’m constructing my own editor for it at the moment, spying on MIDI so I can quickly erase patterns and set lengths on the fly and so forth … I also don’t like the control centre much … so I’m looking to make workflow shortcuts primarily, but some creative options have become apparent now I see how they construct and control it

Anyway - I can say as I’m sat in front of it that no messages are sent, something needs to request that info from it … it’s a series of sysex messages that probe the hardware


Hello guys !!

I bought some weeks ago an Arturia Keystep to control my elektrons.

Here is my midi situation.

My wish is to be able to use the HOLD aptitude of the keystep.

BUT it seem only working when the keystep is is own clock source isn’t it ?

If the keystep is slave and send clock with is “thru out port second fonction” is seem not be able to hold is own arp…

I’m just like sad or something so if you can tell me how the hell parametring Keystep to be clock following + Holding notes it can be wonderfull and change my workflow as I was wishing…
Just why the hell didn’t the keystep in my case hold the arp ?

Midi is on external on keystep. port is on thru.

thanks guys !

Just bought one and plugged in a 9v adapter, but no lights. Normal?

did you read the manual ?


was it centre positive on PSU and capable of 500mA

I use USB power, but I’d expect lights with the right psu - doesn’t sound right

If the adapter is the right adapter, you should get a little light show when it powers on.

My first keystep was DOA (in a really confusing buggy hardware way) - my second one works perfectly :slight_smile:

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Troubleshoot the problem and found out I had a faulty adapter. The USB worked like a charm.


They’re back (in black):

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Annoying I just bought a white one I would have preferred black to go with my gear GRRRRR

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Got a black one on the way. Been waiting for one of these for ages.

Same. sold my white one within 5-10 minutes on eBay and ordered the black one with a 10€ discount.
i love the Keystep but the black one is killer

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I’ve got a white one but I’m going to keep it. One on my PC and one on my Octatrack and hardware synths.
It’s too handy.

I’ve been looking at this one… would want to use it to control the Digitone. I’m leaning heavily towards getting it.

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It’s worth it.

Now I won’t be special anymore :(((((

Joking, everyone should own a black Keystep. Love the thing.


So, has anyone encountered this problem with their Keystep (black or otherwise)? I’ve been having this issue for quite a while now, and finally got around to raising a support ticket with Arturia.

But in case anyone here can shed any light on the problem too, the following keys do not send MIDI note on/off, either standalone over DIN or via USB, whether to hardware, DAW or VST.

  • C2
  • G#2
  • E3
  • C4

However, all the above send aftertouch.

The Hold button (set to Toggle/Hold Note in the software centre) seems to be the problem as it often does not respond to being pressed and at other times it will turn itself on and off, or blink repeatedly and/or erratically. When it does so, the Arturia MIDI Control Centre console shows a burst of previously pressed notes on/off. This also happens standalone or plugged into a DAW/VST, and I think this is more recent behaviour too.

At other times the above four keys work normally and the Hold button does not flash, but it doesn’t stay working for long as and when everything functions normally.

I have tried restoring the firmware and also returning to the factory settings - neither of these things have achieved long-lasting results.

I guess it sounds like a hardware fault.

Sounds like hardware problem indeed, never had such trouble with mine.

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Yes, sounds like your unit has an issue - I’ve not seen anything like that happen.

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Arturia think so too. Time to send it in for repair.

Thanks everyone.

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