Arp Odyssey or Korg Xd

I can‘t decide between a arp odyssey or a korg xd . Can anyone help me ? . What would you get ? .

Do you want a monosynth or a polysynth?

What can’t you do with your current setup?


I am sure you are aware that these are total apples and oranges, yes?

I think arp sounds bigger, " better"? But it is mono synth, you’ll get bass and lead sounds out of it.

I can‘t decide between the vintage nice arp or the possibilities of the xd thats the problem . My setup is a subsequent 37 and a prophet rev 2

If you have those two, than maybe korg xd

I want the microtuning

I’d go Arp all day, every day. over most anything, but especially the Minilogue. sounds too brittle to me. but yeah they’re pretty different, so if you like the sound of both I would plan on getting both. even if it’s just one now, one later.

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You already have an amazing poly. Go arp.

I’m curious to see if this will be the deciding factor for you.

Right now it doesn’t seem to be the absolutely most important, otherwise the choice would have been made already.

There is a CV-In at the rear of the ARP with 1V/oct … should work well with any CV source, which can generate “microtuning” outputs.

ARP Odyssey … a live players dream (of course with the standard sized keybed :wink: ) for deep, cutting-through-the-mix-classic raw analogue sounds, as well as smoother ones of the 70-ties. I love those sliders. They are very quick to program many sounds during playing live. The sync-sound is legendary.

Korg XD … great instrument and the most interesting feature IMO would be that XD Multi-Engine.

If I think about getting a new synthesizer, I first check out the sound. Has it special character or not? Do I like it? What are the sound design features? Does it make sense for the music I am doing? Would it be a new kid on the block, or just another synth with to much of a similarity to other synths in the studio?

Second thing would be the interface. Many knobs and sliders, or menu diving? Is it more for playing live or beeing sequenced?

As others have pointed out already. Both don’t compare well, really :wink:

Had a KArp Ody but sold it in the end. I’m the type of person who has no time for synths without patch recall, I guess…

The KArp sounded pretty good, but then I got most of the same sounds from my SE-02, so it started feeling redundant to me. YMMV as usual

i buy synths sometimes with the knowledge i´ll propably sell them again. korg arp odyssey is one of them. the small keys really suck ! but i really love it´s sound and layout.
one of my favourite mono synths out there.
maybe i´ll change it with the modul, but i really like the rev2 (gold on black) look.
i like synths with faders !

Aside – technically the ARP is duophonic.

Not advocating this, it’s too early to know for sure how good this will be, but as alternative here is also the Behringer Odyssey, shipping in a month or two. Full sized keyboard, with sequencer/arpeggiator and effects built-in for $400 - $500.

So that is in the Apples category. I guess other Oranges would be the XD desktop and the Prologues too.

I like fruit salad, apples, oranges, bananas, blueberries and pineapples.

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