ARMKII - Ghost Parameter Mods

Hi guys! Thank you for reading and your input:

Does anyone have the issue of parameters changing over time without their consent / specific action?

I use my kick with short decay / sweep / high volume and often find it with long decay / sweep / low volume. Any suggestions?

I’ve gone through a couple of Analog Rytms due to hardware bugs (1 on trigs and 1 on pads) and finally have a unit that seems to be working (for the most part!). So would like to fix it and avoid returning it! Any suggestions highly welcomed.

Are you saving the kit? After power cycle only the active kit retains any changes to it and all other kits get reloaded from their saved state.


Are you sure you are not re-using the same kit on another pattern and therefore modify the settings yourself (but not being aware of it)?


got any midi going in?

I think that this is exactly what is going on! The problem got much worst as I mapped more MIDI parameters so figure it is MIDI from my LIVID controller going into the RYTM and changing things around. Happy I found the issue and it is not a bug. Now time for the solution :slight_smile:

What is the best way of solving this? My current solution is to disconnect any additional MIDI but… There must be a better way.

Does the Rytm really need to be receiving information from every channel? I am currently using it with Overbridge (but not exclusively as I still do program / tweak directly in the box) in production / recording capacity. If I was just using it to perform and syncing it through MIDI and outputting directly to Mixer then it wouldnt be a problem (and perform without my laptop anyway) but for studio it would be really nice to have this fully Overbridge / Independent functioning and still be able to use MIDI channels.

I guess I don’t see Rytm using Ch. 15 and 16 so that leaves me 2 chanels to play with. How do I get more in?

Thanks for the help!

you might have already but if not, try go into Global->MIDI Config->Channels

Thanks! Had noticed but thought I needed a MIDI channel per Audio track. Consolidated into using Ch. 1 for all tracks and Ch. 2 for performance with CV/FX off. Do you guys see any problem with this? Thinking of doing the same for the Analog 4 to consolidate both of these into 4 chanels so I have another 8 leftover for other synths and midi gear. How do you do it?