Are there digitone patches/presets around for 8bit/chiptune and Megadrive type of music?

I dont own a Digitone (yet) but I’m looking to pair one with my MPC One since the latest is missing FM synths capabilities.

I have seen Cucko making megadrive type music with the digitone but havent found presets for it or 8bit/chiptune around ? Is there some in the default presets ? Is it easy to program ?

That megadrive themed live-set from Cuckoo was awesome!
Making 8bit sounding patches is not difficult, Digitone has all the building blocks for sound design as a Megadrive and more.

If lost, you can always look at the synth settings from his live-set, to get you started.
As for pre-made patches, i think he actually offers some of the patches that he used as packs on his website. There are also free packs that have some good chiptune sounds. :heart:


Can we load sysex or other files in a Digitone, I got plenty of .opm and other files like that for some VSTs.

there are some patches called NES(something something, i cant remember) that has some basic triangle and square sounds. you’d want to edit from there.

Edit: the patches might have been called NES 50% and NES 25% or something similar to indicate the setting of the square wave.


You can load sysex but only sysex messeges that are made with a Digitone so you can import sound packs or other users Digitone patches.

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Alright boys, I just had a drink and ordered a Digitone… already happy!


I asked Cuckoo about his Megadrive live set and he said most of the sounds came from his Digitone Pack #2.

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Oh thanks for that ! Tell him he has a buyer if he does a pack exclusively of chiptune or megadrive presets. :grinning:

Well done! Digitone is an instant melody machine for me. I can sketch out four Melodies on the four tracks and do variations across patterns. I can write an entire song using just my digitone and the sounds are far more flexible than other synths I own.

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It’s a wonderful machine. You will stay happy.

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Interesting, looking at Cuckoo mega tutorial it seems that it’s really quite easy to create variations from a single pattern.

If you haven’t yet, check out anything Digitone on Red Means Recording. Also Ivar Tryti (@Eaves) has a few outstanding sound design and workflow tutorials, as does Oscillator Sync.


Thanks! I watched one from Red Means Recording earlier.

I need to understand how to recreate 16bits sounds in the Digitone and when I do I will put some presets into a pack.

i never used his digitone tutorial. i watched the hell out of his Octatrack tutorial so i was pretty comfortable with Elektron paradigm. Just remember all the good stuff happens in the Sound Manager screen, but elektron defaults to the sound library, and you’ll miss all the ability to import to the pool and then swap sounds with p-locks. it’s amazing.

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Cheers. Something I dont quite get: it’s 8voice, 4 tracks but you can have multiple sounds on one track isn’t ?

Digitone is truly polyphonic/multitimbral.
Each voice can play a different sound at the same time (with its own AMPs, 2 filters, 2 LFOs and so on).
Each track has a “main” sound, which is in easy access for editing, but you can place as many different sounds on tracks as you like.
Each sequencer step can be locked to a desired preset, and tweaked if needed.

Patterns are split into those 4 tracks, where each track is like a mute group, and has its own settings for lenght, scale, ect.

I suggest giving manual a read, its really well put together and explains everything very well! Even goes into basics of FM and how to use it.


@comradecry has it best, but in a nutshell: a single project can have many many many sounds loaded into its sound pool, and you can spread those out across 4 tracks in whichever way you like (via p-locks). However you can only play 8 of those sounds at a time.

since it’s elektron, there are many tools at hand to maximize those 8 voices, but only 8 can be played at the same time.

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