Ar mk2 mixer page

Hey everyone. Can someone tell me plz, does ar mk2 have mixer page for 8 knobs volume levels like digitally have? No info in man.

nope unfortunatley. reason is it has 12 tracks but only 8 knobs

It is possible to use the performance pads as a mixer but takes some setup and not always ideal

Syntakt has 12 Tracks and Mixer pages.

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The 12 Rytm tracks + fx track could easily be split onto two pages. Hihats + fx track on the second page would make sense.
It’s a pretty neat feature, the A4/AK has it, so kinda strange it’s not an the Rytm, but later became a staple (Digitakt, Digitone, Syntakt).

Thank you all for replying. Sad that this feature not implemented.