AR MK2 closed hihat pops when muting open hihat

I’ve noticed the closed hihats creates a pop/click when it mutes the open hh. This happens when using synthesised hats and samples. In the attached audio you’ll hear the open hat first which by itself gives a soft pop every now and then. Then the closed comes in and the pops are a lot louder. The closed hats alone don’t pop. Pops get less without swing.

Can anyone confirm this?

Update: turning off the hats envelopes makes it a lot less but doesn’t entirely solve the issue.

I find this happens when using any of the 4 choke pairs. Try adjusting the hold & decay in the amp page so the open hat fades away before the closed hat is triggered.

That kinda defeats the purpose of choke pairs right? I want a long open hihat choked by a closed hat, not by shortening its decay…

Yes it’s an odd work around no doubt, but it’s the only one i’ve found so far. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with the analog circuits quickly jumping back and forth.

I don’t remember this being an issue on the MKI but I could be wrong…

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I’m presuming that because it’s not cutting off at a zero point crossing on the waveform you are getting the click :thinking:
Not sure on a workaround. Sometimes some dsp magic is required to zero the crossing automatically, although this generally adds a small latency.
Playing with envelopes seems like the logical workaround, but like you said defeats the purpose of the choke group to begin with

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My poppings are much worse, happening at any trigger, not only when choking it’s neighbour sound.
Seems envelope related, I can isolate the sound by going all the way with the filter on hpf, i can get rid of it by slowing the attack, definetely not a fix. Just opened a ticket in support.
Absolutely positive this did not happened on the mkI


Stumbled over the same thing and had no clue what was going on. I’m glad I’m not the only one, and that an OS update should be able to fix that.

They share the same circuits, right? The farther apart the sounds are (in terms of the analog parameter space) the more the click will be apparent since it takes time to switch…that was always my understanding of it.

you are right

Now the question is, is this a hardware or a software issue…

I’m sorry to inform you that you are utterly wrong. :sob:

This is a pretty irritating design bug, especially because the hump of sound that is produced is at maximum level, even when both of the choke group sounds have a low level.
When it happens it sticks out like a sore thumb.

It’s not really a click tho. It’s like the sound that does the choking is output at maximum level with a different envelope.

Did you test it on a mki?

Ohhhh. Yea the envelope situation on the rytm is weird. I never really liked them for shaping sounds tbh

Well, that’s a different thing altogether, but i agree. :slight_smile: The envelopes are a bit lackluster and don’t seem to be very well suited for drums, of all things.

The OS update didn’t fix that, at least in my machine. I don’t recall that happening in the MKI, the popings in my unit are really annoying, and i end up using the filter to get rid of them, instead of better purposes

Hey there, i want to bring back this issue, as discussed before here:

To see if it gets a bit of attention from the folks at Elektron HQs, to me, the Hihats are pretty unusable due to this behavior.

My unit (MKII) started having problems, not this popping issues but faulty problems, button 9 would stick and kick drum voice would oscilate in volume without any modulation applied, sent it out for Thomann warranty, and surprisingly (or not, since i didn’t go through thomann warranty before) they just sent me a new unit.

Fired it up this morning at home, and the hihat popping was there, as annoying as always.

I’m a bit fed up about this, so i recorded it, direct from the HH out to the Duet i have at home.

First is just the plain pattern A1 that comes programmed from factory, i took out any compression or overdrive, since when i complained about this in the online support, they told me it was due to overdrive and compression use. No it’s not.

Second pattern is the same, only with more open HH notes to make the choking envelope problem more apparent, plus the decay in the open hh is a bit longer, which makes the problem worse too.

The pop is utterly annoying, but it also makes the closed hihat pretty much useless, since it takes quite a broad frequency spectrum, also, if you shape the attack of the envelope, like i do by the end of the recording, the pops soften, but when the envelope choking takes place, it goes all the way up at full volume, again making it a PITA and pretty useless.

I love this machine, and i’ve using it for years and on countless records, but i end up using other machines for hihats most of the times, or loading samples, and at this price point, i guess Elektron should acknowledge the issue, and maybe look into some possible way of fixing it, if possible.

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Which OS?
Did you try hpf to see if the pop is reduced?
Also did you try calibration?

Latest OS, yes tried all, this is a brand new unit in fact… HPF is the only workaround, pretty bad though , since you need to filter until until 600hz or so