AR and A4 losing sync!? Can anyone explain this?

It’s always been like this, chng length doesn’t work when chained the only one that can change properly when being chained is the octatrack.
I spoke to support and they basically said it’s designed that way, I would be surprised if it changes tbh but I hope so

The current way makes no sense at all. In their response they say they will fix it with high priority

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So I stumbled across this thread, and I think I know what’s causing this. I just put in a ticket and the team got back to me saying this:

A known bug can cause patterns to change too late if the receiving device is in advanced scale mode and have a master length that is higher than 16. We are working on a fix for this problem.

So yeah, as they said before it’s an outstanding issue, but that’s the exact cause. As others have mentioned in this thread, using simple pattern length is one solution, but it looks like it’s also fine to use advanced but to have the master length set to 16.

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