AR Analog Rytm feature request thread

Agreed. I remember reading that they actually had to internally rearrange a lot of how the octatrack’s software was programmed. That was how they were able add so much in the last major firmware update to coincide with the 10 year anniversary as it was said to be maxed out in its then current state. If they can do that for the octa, hoping they can do that for the rytm to at least get some of the functionality of the boxes that cost $800-$1000 less than the rytm.


They definitely have a lot of things to choose from, some of these points that’ve been made are hopefully possible. Things like 2nd filter, scales, fixing sample startpoints to different notes and sample start precision are software-based or already present/possible in the machine, if you count “borrowing” the filter from the noise synth.

What would be amazing is some synth updates, chords would be insane. Have track 1 control 2 & 3’s VCO’s and a list of chords. Maybe 2 & 3 would still be able to play samples?
I’m not knowledgeable in this field, but I’m guessing updating the actual synth’s would be hard at this point? But then again, who knows what’s possible.

At the 10 year mark, they might as well go all out. Waiting for the 20th anniversary just seems, you know, a bit much.
Sooner or later, the newer machines will all surpass (for lack of a better word) the old ones, technology gets better and the new ones are built with more updates in mind.

So a huge last update, and to let that run for a few years until it gets discontinued. That makes sense to me.


I’d bump the compressor gain reduction meter feature request. If is not possible on the unit’s screen itself, at least make it available on the overbridge GUI.


While seconding all requests for rytm to have the updates the digitakt got, I’d also really love more versatile Tom machines and it would be super cool if a midi sequencer machine could be added, if say you could load a sequencer machine on the cowbell track and it gives you the full sequencer tracks the Digi boxes have and the cymb track still worked, that’d be pretty epic.


how would people feel if elektron released a rytm update that wasn’t backwardly compatible?

complete conjecture here; but comparing with octatrack rewrite it seems they maybe trapped by constraints of the original OS.

if they could rewrite the OS to incorporate the digi features (improved midi sequencing, 2 LFOs, scale folding etc) but it meant you’d have to start from scratch/load old OS to run old projects; would that be ok with you?
(i’d be fine with that sacrifice, but i’m talking a load of shite, just dreaming out loud)


wasn’t second lfo added to digitakt at the time with base width filter, and scales just now without breaking backwards compatibility?

don’t see how these features should break AR but if that’s the case I suppose you can always not update to the latest version or perhaps somehow in the future there will be option to migrate projects…

I guess this comes down to how you use it. If I had one main project I used for playing out live that I knew really well and didn’t want to lose I could see that being a really hard decision. As it is I start new projects all the time and abandon old ones all the time so I wouldn’t be bothered by it personally.

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I’d be totally cool with that. I use the AR mainly in studio use and print audio when it’s time.
I purchased the AR when the MK2 black version came out, and wonder if at some point the mk2s will surpass the mk1s in terms of OS capability. The mk2 blacks still have plastic on the screens!

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As an mk1 owner, I’d be okay if they could only update the mk2s. I bought the unit for 500€ 2nd hand, and the mk2s are obviously a lot more. mk1’s are already such good value, but I do understand the people eyeing a new mk2, but feeling like it’s not worth the price for a flagship atm.

The OT got updated at the same time as they introduced mk2 iirc, but with the release of the analog mk2s back in 2020, it might’ve been because they knew the mk1s wouldn’t hold up for more major updates.

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To be fair, they did include a big update then as well. The dual VCOs came out just around then I think. It does seem a bit lopsided at the moment looking at the midteer equipment in comparison. Had I gone back to when I purchased the AR now, I may have just got the Syntakt and used the extra dough for other purchases. Hopefully the AR gets some love. The analog elements do make it special, but a few tweaks to the firmware could put it into a new league.
Great to hear MK1 owners not feeling particularly shorted by the idea.


Another great feature that could be ported from Digitone to AR is layering:


Does anyone know the exact date of the A4 (and i presume AR) 10 year anniversary? Holding off on selling it with fingers crossed they make a move on the anniversary, seems like a good date for an update. just want to scrub samples with higher resolution. dont get why it doesn’t do this already like the DT, it is just a software config.


Its the analog fours anniversary in december since it released in 2012, but the rytm came out in 2014. The last few major firmware updates for the analogs both released simultaneously, so hopefully in a few weeks we finally get an update since it’s been 2 years since the last one.
Hoping for an anniversary edition of the A4 like they did for the octa a couple years ago….or a huge mk3 release for the analogs? Not likely, but you never know :wink:


Really enjoying the mutes per line in song mode on the DT, would be a gem on the analog flagships.

My current list.

1.Mutes per line from the DT song mode
2.Digital filter on the digial samples
3.2nd Lfo
4.Being able to plock scenes and performances using the FX track sequencer slice of samples


I’ve started using Sample Chains on the AR mk1 and it would be great that,

  • after setting the start and end of the sample
  • pushing down on the ‘start’ knob, it is able to make increments to the next sample chain
  1. setting the sample to start 0, end 20, (without any trigs)
  2. put down 1st trig,
  3. copy 1st trig, pasting to 2nd trig,
  4. on 2nd trig, will make an increment of 20 (or whatever value is set) i.e start 20, end 40, or start 40, end 60, and so on…

I can see it’s already been asked here but going to elaborate on it some more: synced RTRG, it’s a really cool thing to have the RTRG but when using the AR with Overbridge or even audio interface to ableton (or standalone apps) you will have some latency it’s impossible to hit it on time, would be nice if there was a way to make it snap to the tempo!


Performance-based trig conditions.
or, the Ability to alter trig conditions per track via performance (or scene) assignments.

Dual VCO assigned to track 3,
16 big red trigs,
Assign performance pad 3 to gradually decrease the trig probability to ~59%.

This would allow for even greater variation inside a single pattern. I’ve requested a similar feature for the Ocatrack (scene-based trig conditions). As much as I love our holy trig conditions, they are in many ways, quite static once assigned.


midi feature requests:
velocity off/on toggle for midi notes out (maybe this is possible already!?)
midi note preview (trig + yes)
midi vel as LFO destination
midi note retrig (is this precluded cos high speeds might crash gear?)

I’ve been requesting this forever…and was about to give up for the reason you mentioned. It may cause crashes. BUT, the polyend tracker does it very well…so it’s possible.

And with that…I second @waftlord ‘s request, once again, for all boxes. MIDI Retrig please :slight_smile:

whenever my analog rytm/4 is feeling neglected (by their makers, not their owner) I play those mother fu**ers all day and make them sing their blues. I love these boxes, but really, watching the newer cheaper units get stuffed full of features is unsettling to me. It feels at times I paid more and received less. That said, the limitations force workarounds, resampling, and experimentation. I won’t be selling my Rytm2 for a syntakt any time soon, so help me synth god.